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Scheana Shay Explains Why She Opened Up About Her Miscarriage!

Scheana Shay revealed why she chose to open up about suffering a miscarriage. “I’ve felt like last week was obviously a very tough week for me,” the Vanderpump Rules star said on the Friday, July 3, episode of her “Scheananigans” podcast, according to Us Weekly. “I know it was the most difficult podcast I’ve ever recorded. I thank all of you who listened to all of it.”

“I just really wanted to get my story out my way,” Shay said. “I didn’t want to do an interview, have it manipulated, soundbites taken here and there. I just wanted to put everything out on my own platform, in my own voice.”

Since sharing her heartbreak, Shay said she has been quarantining by herself in her Palm Springs home. Her co-host, Jamie Lynne, then came to her to record the newest episode of their show.

“I wasn’t ready to get back in the studio yet,” Scheana explained. “I’m kind of hibernating a little bit still.”

Shay revealed that she traveled to L.A. last week and went to the Elephante restaurant in Santa Monica and reconnect with some of her closest friends.

“I went there both nights this weekend because it is one of my favorite places to eat and I just felt like I needed to get out,” she continued. “I wanted to see the ocean. I just wanted to be back at the beach and that’s my favorite place to go.”

She added: “I saw my very, very closest friends and that was kind of all I wanted to be around. I wasn’t ready to go back into my podcast studio and interview a guest. I’m not really there yet but I am still here to put out weekly content. I just felt like podcasting from home was a better idea for this week.”

In late June, Shay shared via her Scheananigans podcast that she found out that she was pregnant with her and boyfriend Brock Davies’ first child together, his third, before she began spotting.

“The morning [after bleeding], I wake up and I see all over the Internet that Stassi’s pregnant and I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, we’re pregnant together. I wonder how far along she is,’” the “Good as Gold” singer revealed on the Friday, June 26, episode of her podcast. “She announced so early. I’m like, ‘I swear we were all drinking when we filmed the reunion, maybe she had a mocktail? I don’t know.’”

After Shay’s blood work showed low progesterone levels, she scheduled an appointment with her OB and found out that “there was no heartbeat” or growth. Now, Shay is “at home just waiting to naturally miscarry.”

While “everything … has been really messed up lately” within the Vanderpump Rules cast, the “Good as Gold” singer thanked her co-stars Ariana Madix and Brittany Cartwright for being there for her, saying, “Everyone has been really, really supportive.”

Photo Credit: Bravo