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Nicole Sealey Opens Up About Her Health Scare; Admits She Collapsed Towards The End Of Filming Season 11 Of RHOCheshire And Was Hospitalized During COVID-19 Lockdown Due To Gallbladder Complications!

Nicole Sealey is opening up about her dramatic collapse and hospitalization during the COVID-19 lockdown. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star collapsed towards the end of filming Season 11 earlier this year and was treated in hospital for five days after suffering complications with her gallbladder.

The 46-year-old businesswoman spent her birthday in the hospital and is now awaiting surgery to remove the gallbladder, which stores bile produced by the liver.

Nicole felt unwell while she and her co-stars filmed in Athens for the show's cast trip shortly before the UK was placed under lockdown in March.

"I tried to carry on filming but in April I ended up in hospital," said Nicole told Manchester Evening News, who has suffered from gallstones, small painful stones that form in the gallbladder.

"I was told that the pain is equivalent to being shot."

She said about her birthday in hospital: "One of the nurses brought me a cupcake but I couldn't eat it," she said. "But we are going to celebrate."

Sealey was treated by Dr. Smart at Macclesfield Hospital, has since rested her gallbladder while awaiting surgery with a low-fat diet and avoiding red meat.

Nicole has lost 10lbs which she also attributes to going on walks during lockdown.

Photo Credit: ITVBe