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Monique Samuels Explains Why Gizelle Bryant Is A “Hypocrite”; Says “She Tears Down Other Black Women All The Time”

Monique Samuels sounds off about Gizelle Bryant. The Real Housewives of Potomac star explains why her co-star Gizelle Bryant is a “hypocrite.”

Samuels clapped back at Bryant for saying that she didn’t “hold” herself “above” the stereotype of Black women due to her fight with Candiace Dillard.

“She was just another hypocrite being hypocritical. Because there are so many moments where she did not raise or better the stereotype. She brought Robyn in season 2 to Ashley’s place of business, and Robyn went off on Ashley, which could have turned physical if Ashley was a different person,” she told Style Caster.

“Ashley was also having issues with Charisse at the time, and I remember Gizelle saying, ‘Charisse will drag you. She will drag you. Under the river and through the woods.’ I remember her really egging it on. I also remember Gizelle making fun of Karen and Ray going through tax issues and made a T-shirt about it,” she continued. “Is that the stereotype that we’re supposed to be raising? She tears down other Black women all the time. She disrespects other Black women’s businesses. When it comes to stereotypes, nobody on this show can ever throw a stone and try to act like they just failed the whole Black race. When it comes to stereotypes, what hurts a community is when you do something and you can’t come back and address what you’ve done and try to correct it and move forward.”

She added, “Gizelle has constantly done the same thing over and over again to the ladies on this show. Until she becomes a happy person and loves herself, she’s going to be the one who keeps causing the stereotypes to be what it is.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo