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Meghan King’s Boyfriend Christian Schauf Opens Up About Their Relationship And Admits He Admires How She Deals With Jim Edmonds Amid Divorce Drama!

Meghan King’s boyfriend, Christian Schauf, opened up about their relationship and praised the Real Housewives of Orange County alum for how she deals with her messy divorce from Jim Edmonds.

“This is a 35-year-old woman with three kids under the age of 3 with an ex who is not that easy to deal with — and that is putting it in the nicest way possible — and then having every move you make played out at a scale she does, for her to continue to be positive and push ahead and have goals, and not let it overwhelm her … it’s really impressive to me,” Schauf told Page Six. “Like, it’s really admirable. I really like that about her.”

“I try to play the right position there and be respectful of both Mom and Dad,” he said. “So far, so good. Nothing’s perfect, right?”

Schauf admitted that he has never seen any Real Housewives shows, so he did not know much about the reality star’s past when they initially connected via a dating app.

“To be totally transparent, I’ve never seen any ‘Real Housewives’ shows,” Schauf admitted that he didn’t realize King was a celebrity until he checked out her Instagram.

“I was like, ‘Holy s—t. Why does she have a million followers?'” the Uncharted Supply Company CEO said.

The pair have a mutual friend, trainer Nancy Anderson, and so Schauf asked his pal to get the lowdown on the Bravo star.

“She was like, ‘Oh she’s great. I trained her. You guys would be great together,'” Schauf said Anderson told him.

Despite the glowing recommendation, some other female friends, who had watched “RHOC” and read tabloids, bluntly asked the bachelor, “What the f—k are you doing?”

“I just made a conscious decision that I’m not going to dig in too far,” Schauf told Page Six. “I just want to meet the person for who they are and take them at face value. I think with Meghan … that’s the biggest gap from, like, what people say about her in the headlines versus who she really is as a person, and I mean that in a good way.”

After he met King via the dating app, the shared that the two spoke for three hours on FaceTime during their first chat. Schauf said the fact that she has three young children and is divorcing Jim Edmonds was not a deterrent.

“Most people that I’ve dated have some kind of legacy to them,” he said, adding that his most recent ex also has three kids. “I had gotten to a point where I’ve gotten comfortable with the situation.”

“I try to play the right position there, and be respectful of both mom and dad,” he added. “So far, so good. Nothing’s perfect, right?”

Schauf slammed online critics that accuse him of using King for “fame.”

“I found that pretty funny because if fame was what I was after, I’ve had dozens of opportunities in my life to do something for fame,” he said. “I don’t think moving from Los Angeles to Park City is something that somebody who’s fame-hungry [would do].”

Schauf added, “I’m happier with three buddies back in the mountains somewhere than I am in one of the nicest places in LA — that’s just who I am. So, it almost made me laugh when somebody said I was doing it for the fame.”

According to Schauf, the couple have talked about the possibility of marriage down the line, but are taking it “day by day” for now.

“We don’t need to think about something two years down the road,” he told Page Six. “I try to not worry too much about things that are 10 steps down the road, when I have a bunch of other stuff in front of it.”

Schauf concluded, “I’m a dude that’s been pretty career-focused, and has been trying to meet the right person. Meghan and I have a connection. Beyond the fact that she has a big audience from being on a TV show, I’m just a dude trying to live his life in a positive way and have a family.”

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