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Karen Huger Teases What Viewers Can Expect From RHOP Newbie Wendy Osefo And Opens Up About Her Rocky Relationship With Gizelle Bryant! Plus Karen Promises Season 5 Will Include “Sass, Class And Drama”; Says “It’s Going To Be Powerful”

Karen Huger is teasing what viewers can expect from season five of The Real Housewives of Potomac. "This season has a lot of drama as you can imagine. The trailer will not disappoint you all," Karen told E! News.

"But you get to see all of us: seven dynamic women who are intelligent, ambitious. Just strong women with sass, class and drama. We bring it all this season. RHOP is a five-year veteran now. I think we know how to bring our honesty, our truth with the sass and the class, so It's going to be powerful. It's fire. It's fire this season."

Karen continued, "And as far as I'm concerned, I go deeper with you all. Lemme tease you: I do a homecoming trip. I can say that. So you really get to know who Karen Huger is. I think you already do but I just wanted to lay the foundation to what I was bringing to you all over the last five years and I've done it this season."

Karen also opens up about what viewers can expect from new cast member, Dr. Wendy Osefo. "Wendy is a dynamic individual. I think you guys are gonna love her and take her as she comes," Karen said. "She's intelligent, she's a professor. She's funny too, and just as with getting to know anyone you're going to have challenges here and there but overall, Wendy was a hoot."

The self-proclaimed Grande Dame of Potomac said she "never was in line for any of her shade that I know of," adding, "But that is yet to be determined so stay tuned." 

As for what fans can expect about her rocky relationship with Gizelle Bryant this season? Karen teased, "You'll just see two women who expand themselves into the entire group, we immerse ourselves into the group rather. And I think we're at a place of acceptance, and you need to stay tuned because that's really important. I'm good with most of the ladies. And I could just say, Gizelle and my relationship is what it is and I accept it."

"That is what makes our relationship authentic though, we are not pretentious," she told E! News. "We are very raw and truthful in our feelings and in our friendship and in our relationship, so you can expect much more of the same from us on that level."

Photo Credit: Bravo