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Heather And Terry Dubrow Say They Were ‘So Happy’ To See Their Daughter Max Come Out As Bisexual On Social Media!

Heather and Terry Dubrow reveal that they are more than happy that their daughter, Max, came out as bisexual late last month via Instagram. “Oh my gosh, it just makes me cry,” Heather shares of the response to Max’s moment, which garnered national media attention. “I just loved it so much,” the Real Housewives of Orange County alum told Entertainment Tonight.

“I think as parents, what makes me so happy is that she is so confident and comfortable in who she is and has our full support.”

She continued, “I knew for a long time -- she had discussed this with me, for a long time -- but I loved how it was just like, and then it was just Tuesday, you know? And that's just the way it should be.”

“I always weirdly knew and so, when she posted it, it was like, duh!" Terry said about his daughter Max. "Look, there's a lot of problems, societally, that we're working through now and we need to continue working through, but it made me feel good that at least, in today's world, one of the brighter spots is that you don't have to be embarrassed or insecure or anxious, necessarily, about coming out.”

“She felt free and the acceptance of her coming out was so amazing,” he adds.

Heather says she got Max's permission to repost the announcement on her own Instagram page after she publically came out.

“I love her confidence, and I love -- I just loved it all, and I thought the response was amazing. Of course, my mother called me and she's like, 'Why did I have to find out that my granddaughter is bi on ET?'” Heather said with a laugh.

“Something that was so exciting for me is that I come from a very, like, very 'nice family,' but very, like, 1950s, buttoned up. No one talks about anything,” she says. “So knowing this for some time, it was so exciting to me that she just felt ready to tell the world and she was so confident about it. And it was so… such the opposite of how I grew up that I just felt like this family and this DNA is evolving and I love it. And again, just as a parent … you want your kids to be happy -- that's No. 1 -- but to be able to see your kids be happy and just putting it out there, it just feeds my soul.”

“I have gotten so many messages, not just when Max came out but also because our youngest daughter, Coco, likes to wear 'boy clothes,' and she's been a point of conversation for many years,” Heather says. “I've gotten so many messages from people … about how they wished they had been different with their kids. They wished they listened to kids [who] have gone down the wrong path after not getting the correct support that they needed.”

“We all come from where we come from,” she continues. “You can't control where you come from, but you can control where you go to. So, really listen to your kids and be less reactive, and keep an open mind and understanding that where you come from might not be the same place where your kids are going to, and try to figure it out, ‘cause at the end of the day, this is your family. This is who we have. And if the last few months have taught us nothing, we have to stay together and stay close and love each other.”

“My advice in these situations for parents is do more listening than talking,” Terry adds. “When you are talking, remember it's not about you. It's about your child. So even if you have preconceived notions, and even if you have sort of prejudices based on the way you were raised, let it go. Listen. Shut up and do whatever needs to be done to make sure your child is happy and well-balanced. That's what you do.”

Heather and Terry say Max is already dating and bringing people home for them to meet, and they “love how it's all no big deal.”

“We are so lucky to have these four healthy, amazing kids,” she gushes. “They're not perfect. We're not perfect. We're doing the best we can. … We don’t know everything, but we're smart enough to know we don't know everything. We haven't experienced absolutely everything, but we do have our own experiences. So you listen, you keep your mouth shut, you try to figure it out and you just support. And that's what we do for each other, too. I mean, that's relationships in general.”

Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram