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Eva Marcille Explains Why She Wouldn’t Return To RHOA; Says “They Won’t Let Me Be”

Eva Marcille got candid about her departure from The Real Housewives of Atlanta during a recent sitdown interview with former co-star Kandi Burruss' YouTube show Speak On It. The mother-of-three also explains why she wouldn't return to the Bravo hit reality series.

“If they came back to you and were like Eva, we really want you to come back. We need you. We want you to come back, would you even consider it?” Burruss asked Marcille.

“Are they gonna change the show?” Marcille asked Burruss. “The show is what it is,” Burruss replied.

“No! No!  Kandi, you’re gonna make me tear up. Because of you, because of Cynthia. You guys have been such a proper representation of Black women on TV. We don’t have that. We look for the buffoonery. We look for who’s going to flip over the table or who’s going to act crazy. Or who’s going to bring up someone’s slanderous f—-ed up past. That’s what this show is for us and the idea that you can sign up knowing that’s what it is,” Marcille explained.

“There’s only one you and there’s only one Cynthia. I can’t be Cynthia. I can only be me. And they won’t let me be. I can’t be her and she’s a crazy-ass her… It’s not about them wanting me. I was never not asked to come back. No one ever said we don’t want you. But it’s not going to change the show… I don’t feel like it’s [positive images]  highlighted properly on the show.”

During the sitdown, Burruss revealed that she actually gets to see Marcelle more since she exited the show. “Everybody knows that you decided to leave the RHOA cast in this season that we’re going into, but I was just saying that I feel like we see each other more since you’ve decided to give us [RHOA] the deuces,” Burruss said.

“I think the state of the world right now is why we’ve seen so much of each other because we’ve had no choice but to gravitate and latch on to what really matters. And last year the year before ten 15 years ago you were just doing your day but now with the coronavirus pandemic itself and with people that we know, loved ones, having lost their lives from it… it didn’t allow us to mourn them properly because of the coronavirus,” Marcille said.

Eva reveals that she has reached out more to her friends since the COVID-19 pandemic. “It reminds you that there are people around you that you love that are next door that you don’t put proper consideration in…that’s why in the last few months I’ve reached out more,” she said.

“Do you feel like during the time that we are on the cast together and we are taping together do you feel like you have to be more guarded around other castmates?” Burruss asked. “Absolutely. Shooting with you now would be completely different than initially shooting because we know each other better. One of the things that I will miss about RHOA is your cast trips because as crazy as they are and as exhausted as we were just always doing stuff we bonded. It was a bond that you didn’t anticipate,” Marcille said.

Eva also talked about how she and Kenya Moore bonded after realizing how much the two have in common. The two bonded on a plane ride for one of the cast trips because they were the only two cast members on the plane. “We realized we have so much in common. So that’s my girl [Moore] now,” Marcille said.

Marcille then shared how she didn't want her portrayal of RHOA to tarnish her brand. “Some people have come into fame from the show. I already have a brand and it’s detrimental to my brand,” Marcille said. “I feel like I’m playing a game with people and some are playing chess and some are playing checkers and some don’t even know arithmetic, so they aren’t playing nothing.”

While claiming that she will not return to the series, Eva adds that she has no regrets about her time on the show. “I don’t have any regrets. I gained a friendship with you, Cynthia, and Kenya that I think will last a lifetime.”

Photo Credit: Bravo