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Ester Dee Sets The Record Straight On Recent Engagement Rumors!

Ester Dee is sharing an update about her recent relationship. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star addressed engagement rumors after she reunited with her new boyfriend, who she refers to as Mr. Dee.

Dee shared a photo on Instagram alongside her man which shows her wearing a ring on her finger.

"It's on the right finger!!!!  I meant the correct finger," pointed out former co-star Leilani Dowding.

"Is that an engagement ring I spy?!!!" another follower asked, according to Manchester Evening News.

However, Ester revealed that she's not engaged but confirmed that the ring is simply a promise ring.

"Engaged?" asked another fan, the blonde beauty told them "no" with love heart emojis.

In a separate post, Ester shared a selfie showing off the "Dee' ring. In the photo she captioned, "I did not think that life could get any better for me. But .... yes. My baby gave me The 'DEE' ring , promise of love, trust, faith, and respect ❤ *not an engagement ring 😉bfr you get excited you lot. No piece of paper for us needed. Just pure #love."

She added, "Thank you baby, I love you ❤ Happy Sunday 🥂💃✌"

Ester recently during the show's eleventh season that she was seeing someone. Last month she posted photos from his home in Marbella to show that they were reunited after lockdown.

"Loving someone and having them love you back is the most precious thing in the world," she said on her Instagram.

Photo Credit: Instagram