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Ester Dee Claps Back At Mom-Shaming Instagram Trolls!

Ester Dee recently reunited with her boyfriend, which she calls him Mr. Dee, after being separated for fourteen weeks of separation due to the pandemic. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star fired back at online trolls who criticized her for being away from her daughter after sharing photos on social media of her spending time with the new man in her life.

"Some of you will be pleased to know that I am back with my daughter after 13 nights away, I saw my boyfriend after 14 weeks of separation due to Covid," she wrote on Instagram. "Yet again I got questioned why I did not bring my child with me? I cannot understand even reading a stupid questions like that."

"Pearl splits these 13 nights between staying with her father and her grandma, my mum. In my opinion parent/parents are allowed to go away from their children (arrangement in place of course). It calls #selfcare," she continued. "Plus in my view it creates modern way of relationship between me and my daughter. (Also phone calls, facetime is a great catching up while away from your child)
It was not a holiday this time but even so, I took a holiday while she was 4 months old, leaving her with her daddy while going for little break with my mum. It's important to have 'me time'"

She added, "I am a great parent, I do my Best ❤"

The news comes after she sparked rumors of an engagement, however, Ester made it clear that the ring spotted on her finger was simply a promise ring. Ester announced that she was leaving The Real Housewives of Cheshire after seven seasons.

Ester joined the ITVBe hit reality series during the show's fifth season in 2017. Ester's first introduction caused controversy after she publically cheated on her husband John Temple with Rob Lloyd, who appeared on her debut season as her boyfriend during that time. Lloyd is also the father of her daughter. But Temple exposed Dee's secret and apparently he was not aware that she was part of the ITVBe hit reality series as well as her having an affair with Lloyd.

After it was exposed on the ITVBe hit reality series, Ester and Lloyd called it quits. Meantime, John and Ester decided to try to save their marriage. In 2019, it was revealed that Ester and her husband were in the process of getting a divorce.

In May, Ester went Instagram official with her new boyfriend, which she refers to as Mr. D. She has kept the identity of her new man under wraps. However, she revealed on the show that he resides in Spain. While she has shared images of him, she has not shared any other details about him, including his name.

Photo Credit: ITVBe