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Elyse Slaine Confirms She’s Not Attending RHONY Season 12 Reunion Taping Amid Feud With Ramona Singer!

Elyse Slaine has confirmed that she will not be attending the upcoming reunion taping for the current season of The Real Housewives of New York City. Slaine shared the news with her followers on social media.

It all began when fan page, LoveAndyC, shared on Twitter that it was rumored that Elyse wasn't attending the reunion because Ramona allegedly didn't want her here.

The page then reached out to Slaine directly on the social media platform and asked her if there was any truth to the rumor.

Elyse simply responded, “I won't be at the reunion.”

Elyse previously revealed that she and Ramona Singer were no longer friends.

“Ramona and I did have a falling out midseason,” Slaine told Heavy earlier this month. “We have not spoken. We have mutual friends who are trying to get the two of us to sit down and have a talk. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of that happening because we are in the same friend group, and we did have a nice friendship before our falling out. I honestly don’t know what the falling out was about. I guess she had second thoughts about having me on the show but I never understood what the issue was because I felt like I consistently had her back on the show, so I don’t know why she started having second thoughts about it.”

Slaine explains why she was surprised by Singer’s comment after she told PEOPLE that she didn't fit in on the show.

“I was very surprised,” Slaine said, “I kept our falling out quiet, and even when I was asked about her when I was interviewed with Us Weekly, and other magazines and podcasts, I always was very positive about Ramona. I was very surprised that she disparaged me publicly.”

Slaine revealed that she has run into Singer since their falling out, though the two are not currently speaking.

“Ramona did approach me at the funeral to talk, and try to work out our differences,” Slaine shared, “At the time, I just wasn’t really feeling well so I didn’t follow up with it, which is what I think triggered her giving that negative statement about me.”

Slaine added that she felt “blindsided” by the whole thing. Slaine said, “I was blindsided, so I reacted by posting text messages from her which proved to contrary the interview that she gave saying that I brought nothing, with her asking me to please show up and that they need me.”

Last week, Slaine's Cameo video went viral on social media after she and co-star Leah McSweeney slammed Singer for not being able to keep a man and for allegedly accusing her of pooping during sex.

Singer fired back at Slaine and McSweeney’s claims. “I believe that ‘Real Housewives of New York’ is a classy, elegant franchise, and I think the two of them are degrading it through social media. It really upsets me,” Singer told The New York Post. “I know Elyse is desperate to be on the show, but she lost a friendship over it.”

As for the allegation, “I don’t have a problem,” Singer said. “It’s very defamatory, dispirited and not respectful.”

She continued, “There is absolutely no truth to this. These girls are blatantly lying to create fake news in order to try and gain their own fame,” Singer said about the allegation. “It is very sad, immature and quite frankly mean girl behavior.”

“Elyse used me for fame and she’s continuing to do that to get what she wants,” she said. “She was never a true friend, she just wanted to be on the show.”

Singer said that when Slaine came onto the show, she warned the “RHONY” novice that she would have to take care of herself. Recalling the recently aired episodes on Halloween and in The Berkshires, “Elyse is like, ‘You don’t pay attention to me, you don’t pay attention to me,’ because she wanted to have a confrontation,” Singer said.

“I couldn’t say to Elyse, ‘I’m not paying attention to you because I need to do other things to create a good show and you’re not a main character, you’re a side character,'” she told The New York Post.

The Singer stinger also called out Leah McSweeney over the comment she made on Slaine’s Cameo video. “As far as bowel movements? That happened to all the women in Cartagena, we all got horrible parasites in Cartagena, we all exploded all over the house. And that’s what I guess Leah is referring to, because I don’t have a problem,” said Singer, referring to a trip taken to Colombia on Season 10.

Singer added, “Leah doesn’t live up to the franchise, I feel like she and Elyse are demeaning [it].”

Photo Credit: Instagram; Bravo