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Denise Richards Continues To Deny Affair And Open Marriage Allegations; Says She Will Only Return To RHOBH For Season 11 “If It Makes Sense”

Denise Richards recently opened up about the drama that's at the center of the current season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

If you recall, Brandi Glanville alleging that she and Denise had an affair and that Richards and husband Aaron Phypers have an open marriage.

“I did not have an affair,” she told The Washington Post, according to Us Weekly. “There’s definitely consistency with the subject matter that comes up on this Housewives season, and that’s all I’ll say.”

Richards also shut down claims that she and husband Aaron have an open marriage. “If I had an open marriage, I would be open about it,” she said.

Denise says she would return for another season of RHOBH “if it makes sense.”

“I actually had so much fun my first season, and I formed genuine friendships. This season was very different, but I would never say I regret anything,” Richards told the Post. “I just roll with the punches.”

Regarding her overall experience on the show despite the drama, she said, “My openness definitely bit me in the ass a bit,” Richards said of her past “Housewives” revelations. “It’s a learning process. I went into the show just being myself, and I never wanted to try and play a part. I am who I am. People can believe whatever they want, but ‘Wild Things’ was not a documentary.”

Photo Credit: Bravo