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Dana Wilkey Shows Her Support For Denise Richards Amid RHOBH Season 10 Drama And Throws Shade At Brandi Glanville Over Alleged Hookup Allegations; Says “All I Have To Say Is #SlutPig Strikes Again”

Dana Wilkey aka Pam took to Twitter to share her thoughts on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The former "friend" of the series reacted to the ladies confronting Denise Richards over her alleged hookup with Brandi Glanville.

Dana tweeted, "If @DENISE_RICHARDS was your friend for like for years wouldn’t you know from your friendship if she would cheat on her husband with Brandi and right away stand up to the others for her I stood by @TaylorArmstrong ! #RHOBH is @lisarinna really her friend?"

Wilkey then threw some shade at Glanville by tweeting, "All I have to say is #slutpig strikes again #RHOBH."

Dana aka Pam showed her support for Denise Richards after her co-stars confronted her for allegedly talking smack about them and her alleged hookup drama with Brandi.

"Poor @DENISE_RICHARDS she doesn’t want her husband to see this episode and get hurt. That kind of shit really happens on this show. #RHOBH," Dana tweeted.

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Photo Credit: Getty; Bravo