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Camille Grammer Continues To Defend Denise Richards Amid RHOBH Season 10 Drama While Calling Out Erika Girardi For Not Showing More Of Her Life On The Show!

Camille Grammer continues to defend Denise Richards against the cast of the current season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and fans while calling out Erika Girardi for not showing more of her life on the show.

After a fan suggested that Richards won't be asked back next season for not showing more of her life amid Brandi Glanville feud over alleged affair claims, Camille replied and came to Denise defense while shading Girardi.

“And Erika does??? I believe Denise showed us a lot of her life. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid,” she tweeted.

This isn't the first time that Grammer has defended Richards against the rest of the cast. Earlier this month, Camille shared her support of the Wild Things actress when the Bravo hit reality show returned after a short hiatus due to COVID-19 setbacks.

“As I said before Denise is carrying this season. Even though I have no problem with EJ I would like to see Erika bring something more [than] self promotion,” Camille, 51, tweeted, referring to Erika Jayne. “Just saying.”

When a viewer suggested that Erika’s “team” is “huddling” to come up with a clapback, Camille added, “I can handle it. I have survived cancer, an awful public divorce and my house burnt down 😉.”

That's not all. Grammer appeared to also throw some shade at Brandi Glanville, who will have an important role in upcoming episodes.

A fan tweeted that Brandi threw a glass of wine at Eileen Davidson’s face during the show’s fifth season “because she was angry that she was “the other woman” but she has been the other woman” by kissing former cast member Carlton Gebbia and her alleged affair with Denise Richards.

Grammer simply replied, “Agreed!”

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Photo Credit: Bravo