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Albert Manzo Denies His Family Has Mob Ties And Addresses Brother Thomas Manzo’s Arrest, Kim DePaola Weighs In And Shows Her Support To Dina Manzo!

Albert Manzo, the husband of Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Caroline Manzo, is reacting to his brother, Thomas Manzo’s arrest. If you recall, he was arrested and charged with paying an alleged mobster to attack his ex-wife, Dina Manzo’s then-boyfriend, now-husband, David Cantin in 2015.

“I grew up with Dina, I knew her since she was 7,” Albert told The New York Post, “We don’t want a hair on her head harmed. She is still my sister-in-law. She always will be.”

Accusations that the Manzos were affiliated with the mob goes back to1983 when the ­paterfamilias, 400-pound Albert “Tiny” Manzo Sr., was executed gangland-style in August 1983. Tiny, the father of Albert and Tommy, was found in the trunk of his Lincoln Continental outside a supermarket in Hillside, NJ: naked, his arms and legs tied with plastic, with four bullet holes in his torso.

He and Gambino family soldier Peter A. Campisi had reportedly skimmed money from a Mafia-connected casino on Staten Island, according to the publication. In a book called “Undercover Cop” by Mike Russell, Tiny Manzo was described as “the biggest enforcer in Jersey.”

A longtime criminal-defense attorney who represented some of the Mafia figures Albert Sr. was said to be involved with shared that the lines between “made guys and the goombas they hung out with” can be blurry.

“That’s kind of how they do business in Paterson,” the attorney told The New York Post. “These people are not ­exactly Boston Brahmins.”

However, Caroline’s husband Albert says it was all a misunderstanding.

“My father was no gangster,” Albert said. “He was a wonderful, hardworking man. He was never accused of anything else pertaining to being a gangster. The shame of it is that our family were the victims of a murder which was never solved, and it was spun as a mob hit.”

Albert said his brother Tommy isn’t guilty of anything but hard work as well. “I believe my brother is innocent. My father was, too,” Albert said. “It’s awful what happened to Dina’s husband. We just have to hope that whoever really did this is found and goes to jail.” Albert added that Tommy is out on bail and back at his side running The Brownstone — the restaurant and catering hall in Paterson that the brothers run.

Albert also weighs in the split between his brother Thomas and sister-in-law Dina. “It was Dina who decided she wanted them to split,” Albert said. “It was never Tommy. Tommy wanted her. He wanted them to stay together.”

Meanwhile, Kim DePaola, who is known on RHONJ as the infamous Kim D, shared her thoughts on Tommy’s arrest.

“[The divorce] is not on Dina, it’s all on Tommy,” DePaola told The New York Post. “Dina was madly in love with him and she sat home every night waiting for him. She was a good wife. He was off at The Brownstone doing his thing, if you catch what I’m saying.”

Tommy Manzo allegedly “did his thing” with so many women that Dina once confronted one of them, who told her to “take it up with your husband,” ­DePaola said.

“Here’s the thing, Tommy is actually not a bad guy,” De­Paola continued. “He’s mild-mannered, very lovely to people at The Brownstone. I think it was a man thing. They want what they can’t have. He didn’t want Dina when she was starving for attention and was dying for his love but when she leaves him and goes off with a new, younger guy? His ego couldn’t take it. He got too wrapped up, that’s my take.”

“It’s hard not to notice that her new guy looks like a younger version of Tommy. I’ll leave it at that.”

As for mob ties, DePaola added that neither Albert nor Tommy are “in the life.” She also said their dad was not a “full-on gangster” but was killed after he “did something the full-ons didn’t like.”

“When you’re a full-on you have to abide by some rules and regulations of the life,” DePaola said. “From what I know, [Tiny] maybe did something that was not following the rules the full-ons had to follow and they wanted to send a message.”

Kim believes that the home invasion attack on Dina and her husband David was ordered by someone who knows the reality star. “They were only home from California for two days for the christening. Isn’t it kind of a coincidence that the home invasion happened then? Who else but people in Dina’s circle knew they would even be home?” DePaola told The New York Post. “That type of burglar does a little homework. That house had been empty.”

“Dina’s been through a lot and I think she’s been scared s–tless by everything that’s happened,” DePaola said. “You know what? She was a girl looking for love and she finally found it.

“Tommy didn’t want her until she was gone. It’s his loss. She came out ahead.”

Photo Credit: Instagram; Getty Images; Scott Roth/Invision/AP/Shutterstock