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Susie McLean Reflects On Her Short-Lived Marriage To Rod Butterss!

Susie McLean recently opened up about her short-lived marriage to multi-millionaire businessman Rod Butterss. The former Real Housewives of Melbourne star and the former St Kilda Football Club president tired the knot in 2009, but the marriage only lasted five months.

Susie told the Herald Sun that the Sydney ceremony, which was held at The Ivy, racked up a $96,000 alcohol bill.

Rod previously admitted that he spent $90 million dollars over a decade while drinking, doing drugs, and playing the stock market.

"I was giving CPR to one of the guests in the morning who fell out of the spa. It was wild," she said. "I was completely out of my depth and didn’t understand it," Susie admitted.

"He said he was going to buy a yacht and sail around the world," she added.

During Rod and Susie's marriage, McLean's mother walked in on Rod while he was doing drugs.

"My mother-in-law walked in on me," Rod revealed on Mike Sheahan, Sam Newman and Don Scott's You Cannot Be Serious podcast in May. "She was a very prudish Italian woman. She said, "what are you doing?" I said, "I’m making scones." That’s all I could think of."

According to the Daily Mail, Rod has now been sober for more than a decade. As for McLean, she appeared on the third season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Photo Credit: Bravo, Foxtel, Fox