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RHOA Cast React To Reports That NeNe Leakes May Not Return To RHOA Amid Season 13 Casting Rumors; Sources Say Some Of The Ladies “Don’t Care Either Way If NeNe Returns Or Not”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast is reacting to reports that NeNe Leakes may leave the series. “Porsha is really hoping that NeNe does sign her contract and come back to the show,” an insider told HollywoodLife.

“They’ve gotten extremely close especially during quarantine. NeNe is like a mother hen to her and always is checking in on [her 1-year-old daughter] PJ, it’s sweet. They’ve come really far,” the source shared.

As for the other ladies? “The other ladies don’t care either way if NeNe returns or not. They’re not surprised that NeNe hasn’t signed her contract yet because she does this every season,” the insider revealed.

“Last year she wasn’t in the first few episodes because she refused to sign her contract. They know NeNe is NeNe. They know she doesn’t make or break the show and feel it’ll go on successfully with or without her in it.”

The news comes after celebrity blogger Love B. Scott reported last week the following: “Pickup letters went out last Friday via emails to each of the ladies’ representatives and NeNe did not get one. Eva Marcille already announced she isn’t returning.”

However, NeNe’s manager Steven Grossman denied the report that his client has been fired from RHOA. “It is absolutely not true that NeNe has been fired from RHOA. Furthermore, it was made abundantly clear prior that she will always be welcome on the series as long as she wants to be,” he told HollywoodLife in a statement. “We are having on-going bigger picture conversations with NBC Universal and have not made any decisions regarding next season specifically. Any speculation or sources trying to create controversy by stating otherwise are incredibly inaccurate.” Steven added “Bloop” at the end of the statement, referencing NeNe’s infamous catchphrase. 

Bravo has also responded, noting there is “absolutely no truth” to the report that NeNe was fired.

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Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram