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Patti Stanger Slams Kelly Dodd; Calls Her An ‘Alcoholic’ And ‘Mentally Ill’ Over Her Past Controversial COVID-19 Comments!

Patti Stanger has a lot to say about Kelly Dodd's recent behavior and the comments the Real Housewives of Orange County star made about COVID-19. The Millionaire Matchmaker recently appeared on Jess Rothschild’s podcast Hot Takes & Deep Dives, and Stanger was asked to share her thoughts on the RHOC star’s controversial comments about the coronavirus.

“She and I do not get along, by the way,” Patti revealed, according to a report by Reality Blurb. “We used to be friends. I saw that and then she went out to Fashion Mall and was like ‘Look, everything’s open. We can drink now.’ She’s like an alcoholic.”

Stanger then called out Dodd for the comments she made about the coronavirus pandemic.

“I saw that, and I was thinking to myself, ‘OK, are you mentally ill? Like, do you know what’s going on?’ I know people that died,” she stated. “What is wrong with you? If you don’t watch the news and you don’t get educated, just don’t speak. Please don’t speak. Like, we’re not here to party like it’s 1999.”

Dodd first came under fire in April when she claimed the coronavirus pandemic was “God’s way of thinning the herd.” However, she quickly apologized, saying, “That’s not what I meant.”

“I’m not insensitive,” she said at the time. “I feel bad for all the families that lost loved ones, and I do think that we should all stay home and protect everybody. That’s not what I meant, and I want to apologize to anyone who got offended, OK? I’m sorry.”

Last month, Dodd apologized again for another insensitive comment she made about the pandemic.

“I’m so sorry if I offended anyone regarding the Coronavirus.  Like millions of Americans I’m frustrated and longing for the way things were but I absolutely empathize with those who’ve lost loved ones..,” she tweeted.

The Bravo reality star’s apology comes after footage from an Instagram live featuring Kelly surfaced. During the chat, a friend of the RHOC star told her, “It’s more every day. In New York, we’re down to 250 [deaths] a day.”

Dodd then compared coronavirus to “the flu” and added, “But how many people die on a daily basis? … Well, people are going to die! I’m sorry to tell ya.”

Given the constantly evolving nature of COVID-19, we want our readers (courtesy via Us Weekly) to have access to the most accurate resources. For the most up-to-date coronavirus information, guidance, and support, consult the CDCWHO, and information from local public health officials. If you’re experiencing coronavirus symptoms, call your primary care provider for medical advice.

Photo Credit: MediaPunch/Shutterstock, Getty Images