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Marlo Hampton Reveals Why She Thinks RHOA Season 13 Is “Gonna Look A Little Different” Amid Black Lives Matter Movement!

Marlo Hampton believes the Black Lives Matter movement will have a positive impact in the upcoming thirteenth season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. “I think is gonna look a little different,” Marlo told HollywoodLife. “Because this is a movement — a movement that we didn’t even see coming.”

“I’m positive things will change,” Marlo revealed. “I feel that with us addressing the issues to the executives, having that call, coming together with the changes that they’re already making. And they’re literally making changes, not just donations.”

Although things will be different next season, it’s still a reality show, and Marlo said some things will never change. “You know this is still The Real Housewives Of Atlanta and there’s definitely going to still be some drama!” Marlo promised.

“You know unfortunately we’re still going to have some drama. But for the most part, I think that we’re definitely gonna pull it together and do what we have to do for the for the community.”

Photo Credit: Bravo