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Magali Gorré Says She Was ‘Edited’ To Look Like A ‘Angry Black Woman’ On RHOCheshire And Explains Why She Would Like To Return To The Show; Says “I Represent Women Of Color And Especially Black Women”

Magali Gorré is opening up about her time on The Real Housewives of Cheshire and explains why she wants to return to the ITVBe hit reality series. "I represented black women and I've been asked by fans 'please come back because you represent us,'" she told Manchester Evening News.

"Twenty seven years ago I married my husband and I grew up in the white world of football," she said. "I went to a girls' school where everybody was white and I was black.

"On the show I represented women of color and especially black women. The show was a platform and I stood up for myself."

"I'm a black woman representing women of color and I'm successful and my husband is successful."

Magali admits she's disappointed that she never had the 'closure' of taking part in one of the infamous reunion specials.

If you recall, Magali, who is one of the original cast members, left the series after season two to mourn the passing of her father and to focus on her family. The reunions were introduced to the series during the show's third season. Brian Dowling has been hosting all the reunion specials since 2016.

"I was labeled as a black angry woman," she said about her time on the show. "The way I was edited and the way they protected certain people. The scenes they showed, I look like I'm trouble but I'll tell you when I'm not happy."

Magali cites her love of Cheshire as a reason why she would return after a hiatus.

"I represent Cheshire," Magali told Manchester Evening News. "I'm a Cheshire woman living in Cheshire and I hope I can come back representing women of color. I love reality TV and I hope I get a chance somewhere on TV."

She added: "I think they should have more women of color on the show.

Photo Credit: Nathan D'Amour Photography