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Faith Stowers Calls Out Lisa Vanderpump; Says “Had George Floyd Been A Dog, Lisa Would Have Marched Like She Did For Vanderpump Dogs”

Faith Stowers recently called out Lisa Vanderpump. The former Vanderpump Rules star thinks her former SUR boss should be passionate about other human issues. “Lisa does a lot for the LGBTQ community and support, and she does a lot for dogs all across the world to try to help them with what they’re putting dogs through all over the world,” the former SURVer recently said on the Red Flags Make Cute Scarves podcast.

“… Unfortunately, George Floyd is not a dog, and that’s how I feel, because had George Floyd been a dog, Lisa would have marched like she did for Vanderpump Dogs.”

Stowers went on to tell host Lily Red that LVP and husband Ken Todd “go out of their way” to use their platform to help animals, according to a report by Us Weekly.

“They cry on camera and talk on microphones to congregations of people about how wrong it is to eat and kill these innocent dogs,” she said. “All we want to do is to have the same rights. We want to live.”

LVP has yet to publicly address Stowers' comments but she did post about the death of George Floyd on May 31.

“I am deeply saddened by the tragic events of the past few days. This is about our shared humanity. … I am a big believer in peaceful protests – it is so important to be able to gather and be heard with regards to the causes you believe in,” Vanderpump wrote via Instagram. “And this cause, and fighting this injustice is so important. The violence and destruction that accompanied some of these protests is heartbreaking, and it’s devastating to see the hate and the hurt that so many people are feeling.”

After a social media user commented, “Marches for dogs but nothing for humans,” Vanderpump replied.

“I march for humans … #lgbt check your facts,” she wrote.

Photo Credit: Tony DiMaio/; Gregory Pace/Shutterstock