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Erika Girardi Comes To Her Police Officer Son’s Defense; Says “His Job Is To Protect And Serve All”

Erika Girardi is coming to her police officer son Tommy Zizzo’s defense on social media after a commenter tried to shade him following the death of George Floyd in police custody. It all went down when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared a black square on her Instagram page on Tuesday, June 2, in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and Blackout Tuesday.

One follower wrote in Erika’s posts, “Your son is an officer!” to which she fired back.

“My son was brought up NOT to be racist,” she responded, according to Us Weekly. “His job is to protect and serve ALL not just people that have his skin color.”

She added: “F—k you and stay off my page.”

Many of Girardi’s fans were in agreement with her rebuttal. “Man I thought I loved you before but hell yes ✊🏾❤️,” one commenter wrote.

Jayne reposted support from some of her followers via her Instagram Story throughout the day, before noting that the person who called her out originally blocked her after their exchange.

Earlier last month, Girardi shared a rare photo of her son dressed in his police uniform on the streets of Los Angeles. “People say we look alike. No, you can’t comment. 😂,” she captioned the photo on May 5, turning off comments on the Instagram post.

Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram