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Denise Richards’ Daughter Eloise Learns How To Say ‘Dad’ Just Before Father’s Day!

Denise Richards’ daughter, Eloise, was able to learn how to say “dad” just before Father’s Day. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared the exciting news while paying tribute to her own father via Instagram.

“Happy Father’s Day to my dad,” she wrote on Monday, June 22, while captioning a series of family photos from over the years, according to Us Weekly. “You are the best dad ever. Thank you for always being there & being an amazing role model. I love you so much.”

Richards then gave a shout-out to her “beautiful” husband, Aaron Phypers. “I can’t imagine a better father for our Eloise & stepfather for Sami & Lola. I love you so much,” she wrote before adding, “And the greatest gift [is] Eloise being able to say ‘dad’ for the first time a month ago🙏🏻❤️ .”

Richards explained during the season 9 RHOBH reunion, which aired in December 2019 that Eloise, now 9, suffers from the rare chromosomal disorder, Chromosome 8, Monosomy 8p. This led to developmental challenges, including her inability to effectively communicate.

“It’s caused many delays with her and it’s caused a lot with speech, development,” she shared. “We found out probably two years ago exactly. It was a very difficult thing to diagnose, she went through a lot.”

Richards added, “It was really hard when I saw what was written on the medical report to get the blood test and all the testing done. It was hard to see it in black and white, to be honest.”

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