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Charli Burnett Says She Was “Bullied” And “Mistreated” By Some Of Her Vanderpump Rules Co-Stars!

Charli Burnett, who joined the cast of the current eighth season of Vanderpump Rules, claims she was bullied by the show's veteran cast members. Burnett spilled the tea during a recent appearance on David Yontef's podcast, Behind the Velvet Rope.

The brunette beauty she was "mistreated" by the cast members, and she "tried with these people. I have gone up to them and said hi." Adding: "I didn't know it was Game of Thrones."

"When you go up to someone 2 or 3 times and they don't even acknowledge you, let alone even put their hand out or even turn their backs to you... It's kind of like, "Oh OK, you aren't even gonna try anymore.""

"They refused to even act like I am a human if I were filming with them so it was defeating."

Charli recalls she reached out to say hit to Stassi Schroeder at the show's premiere party.

"I felt like she had to say hi because everyone was outside and she didn't want to look bad."

Burnett then recall another encounter at Ariana's [Madix] party, which she said she "was so positive" and went up to Lala [Kent], and "she was nice and said hi."

She then later said they turned their heads when she walked up to the group: "It was so embarrassing."

"I don't wanna name them cause I feel bad. Its hard its really hard because you don't want to try again but I did because they were filming and I tried again and again and then you are like OK you won't like me."

Charli said Kristen Doute first seemed "a little nicer" but just found out she "hates me."

"Everyone banished her but I am not a follower and had no issue with her."

Charli supported Kristen's t-shit line event for James Mae and revealed that the two followed each other on social media, but it all changed when Doute appeared on Scheana Shay's podcast where Kristen "went on a rant about me," which she said confused her.

Burnett called out her fellow cast members for the way they treated her when she joined the show.

"For someone so much older than me - the way they all handled things - who is the adult here? They went on Twitter rants and interviews prior to the show coming out - basically bashing me."

She continued, "I was a young girl who wanted an opportunity, trying to make a life for myself. They are all so much older than me, Jax could be my dad."

"For them to treat me this way when I was trying to make an opportunity for myself. They've been in my spot, trying to chase a pipe dream - trying to bash my opportunity before its even given to me... I was just over it."

Charli revealed that Lisa Vanderpump convinced her to stay after she was ready to quit SUR.

"Lisa said - I remember I was ready to quit SUR, quit everything she had an intense talk while the cameras were rolling. She said - and I don't think it will be aired - "I don't give a f--k about the cameras. I asked you to work here I asked you to be on the show, I don't care what other people think, they don't have to like you... I do." maybe not word for word but something of that nature."

She added: "Then I went to work my shift and said, "I am gonna stay here." I am gonna stay on the show - these people can bully me. They can talk about me and be mean - I can be the worst person on the show I am going to complete this task I am going to see this through."

You can listen to the full interview below courtesy via Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef!

Photo Credit: Bravo