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Vivica A. Fox Sounds Off On Her Longtime Feud With Kenya Moore, Calls Her A “B*tch”; Says “That One Ain’t Never Going Away” — Watch Video Clip Here!

Vivica A. Fox still has nothing positive to say about Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore. If you recall, the two feuded back when they both competed on season 14 of The Celebrity Appreciate in 2014. Despite the years, Fox has not gotten over her beef with Moore.

"F--- that bitch. Nope, nope, nope," Fox said on Monday's episode of Fox Soul's Out Loud with Claudia Jordan, adding, "That one ain't never going away."

"I’m a Leo, I’m a lion. When these goddamn claws come out, baby it’s on like popcorn," Fox told the show's host, former RHOA star Claudia Jordan — who happens to be close friends with Moore. "I love you, and you know you helped me get through that. But that one right there? No ma’am."

"Some people you don’t like no more," the actress added. "She's at the top of that list. I’m sorry to my fans, because we’re all about sisterhood, but Claudia, I don’t like her."

If you recall, Fox and Moore got into epic boardroom battles throughout the season on the NBC competitive reality series, with Fox calling Moore a "toxic trick" and a "dirty ass bitch" after Moore said Fox was having "wilds ups and downs emotionally" due to "menopause."

Fox even accused Moore of stealing her cell phone during one of the challenges and claimed that Moore tweeted something from her account. Moore denied those claims.

"To steal your phone? I'm not a thief," Moore said. "I respected this woman. I always had respect for her. She sat here and took this to a disgusting level. She called me all kinds of names in the book."

Both ended up getting "fired" on the show. When Vivica appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2016, she was asked if she would ever forgive Moore, Fox said she "absolutely" would — but only if the former Miss USA "was ever woman enough to admit what she did on Celebrity Apprentice and we could sit down and have a face-to-face talk and clear the air."

"I will forgive her but never forget," Fox said at that time. According to PEOPLE, in a 2018 episode of RHOA, Moore shaded Fox, saying that she's still giving the same acting performances 20 years later.

"At least I still am acting 20 years later," Fox said, in response, on WWHL. "And she was watching me, once again."

Photo Credit: NBC