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Vivica A. Fox Insinuates That NeNe Leakes Might Be Using Drugs After Revealing She’s In Therapy For RHOA Drama, Claudia Jordan Explains Why It’s Hard To Feel Empathy For NeNe; Says “She Wants Therapy After The Years Of The Things She’s Done To Other People, I Think It’s Bulls**t”

After NeNe Leakes revealed that she is seeking therapy after dealing with the drama that went down on The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 12 virtual reunion, Vivica A. Fox made a shocking accusation about Leakes when she appeared on Claudia Jordan's digital talk-show Out Loud with Claudia Jordan for Fox Soul.

“I just wanted to know did you see a little,” as she motioned her hands rubbing across her nose to insinuate that Leakes’s nose was sweaty. “I just thought it was a whole lot of adrenaline going on so it must be another level of something.”

“She’s getting therapy for mental, or consumption,” asking if it was for the consumption of drugs,” said Fox. “Mentally something is definitely going on. You can only spit out that much venom before it comes back to you in a negative way.”

Jordan, who feuded with Leakes when she appeared on the show for Season 7, slammed her and called out her past behavior for the pain she’s caused her co-stars during her time on the show.

“Let me be very clear,” said Claudia. “I live in Dallas, between Dallas and L.A. – I’m perfectly happy with my life – hosting a talk show right now with these accomplished ladies – no shade to the show, it was a fantastic opportunity but goddamn it I can f—king speak on the show if I want to.”

“The fact that she wants mental health or she wants therapy after the years of the things she’s done to other people, I think is bulls**t,” said Jordan of Leakes. “That is a reality show when they go for the neck that’s what reality TV is.”

“I went back on my time on the show and I didn’t get therapy when you said I was a whore, my cl*t left my body that I was broke that I filed bankruptcy – all these horrible things. I just had to deal with it and be embarrassed around people for about four years and be like you know, earn their like respect - it was really hard it was frustrating but I didn’t bring upon myself I was just like thrown to a scene and these mean things that she eventually apologized for were said about me and it’s like here’s my thing, if you’re the type of person that doesn’t do that to others, I could see how that might be traumatizing where you’re like damn I need some therapy after that I’ve never experienced anything like that, but if you’re participating this for 13 years, 11 years, and you do this to others, it’s kind of hard to be empathic.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images