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Tamra Judge Shares Health Update On Ex-Husband Simon Barney And Says Her Family Is ‘Getting Along Better’ Amid Simon’s Cancer Battle!

Tamra Judge recently revealed that her family members are getting along “better” amid her ex-husband Simon Barney’s cancer battle. “[Sidney] does not like to be talked about in the public eye, but let’s just say things are much better now,” the Real Housewives of Orange County alum told Us Weekly.

“We’ve all rallied together,” Judge said. “[Barney’s] fiancée, [Catushia Ienni], can’t really go out and about because God forbid she catch the [corona]virus. It would be lethal to him. They really have to be extra safe and careful. He finished his treatment right before quarantine so he has been, really, just staying home.”

It has “been difficult [for him] not being able to see the kids,” Judge explained. “It was his birthday last week and the kids went over there. It was sweet. They wore masks and gloves and they sat outside but they were able to see him, so that was good.”

Despite the former couple’s “very tough divorce,” she says that they are “a lot closer” now, the mother-of-four said. “I’m super close to his fiancée, and she’s super sweet and nice. He’s very lucky to have her there to take care of him because if he was by himself at this time, it would have been really difficult.”

Barney has finished his treatment and is awaiting results, Judge told Us Weekly. “It’s heartbreaking to see him so fragile,” she said. “Now we just pray to God that chemo and radiation worked.”

Tamra also confirmed that her son’s Spencer and Ryan are also “getting along” better amid Barney’s battle. “They’re together all the time, and they’re doing great,” she said. “They have their differences, their political differences.”

Photo Credit: Bravo, Simon Barney via PEOPLE