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Scheana Shay Spills The Tea About Vanderpump Rules! Plus She Weighs In On Season 8 Feuds And Sounds Off On ‘Boy Crazy Scheana’ Edit!

Right before now-fired Vanderpump Rules editor, Bri Dellinger caused a shockwave by admitting to unfavorable edits of Scheana Shay, the Vanderpump Rules star spilled the tea about Season 8 on David Yontef's podcast, Behind The Velvet Rope.

Scheana, who is quarantined with her boyfriend at her Palm Springs house, Scheana answer's the most talked-about questions about the show, such as: Are Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder really mean girls? How does she feel like they are treating Kristen this season? What is Scheana’s current relationship with the three today? What about Lala? Team Sandoval or Jax? Who has changed the most since the beginning of the show? Whose relationship does she admire the most? What is Lance Bass really like as a wedding officiant?

Despite being famous for being on Bravo's hit reality series, Scheana makes it clear that the cast is not rich, despite salary reports.

"People think we make more money than we actually do and everything is paid for. That's not true," she said. Shay admitted that she paid for her own wedding and she pays for "A LOT" of her own stuff.

Shay then candid about how she joined the cast of Pump Rules. She revealed that "they knew I had a public scandal going on and Brandi Glanville was on housewives. We never cast the show. Kristen didn’t like me cause she thought I liked Tom, Tom, and the show was built around our friend group. Kristen had her best friends Stassi and Katie and Toms were BFFS with Jax Taloy. It all came together very naturally. Everyone thought of me as a home wrecking whore so right away there was the Team Scheana, Team Stassi drama and the rest is history."

Scheana’s early memories of doing press was the upfront when she met RHONJ's Richie Walkile, Joe and Melissa Gorga, and Teresa Giudice.

Scheana confirms that she's not a big spender. She admits that she spoils herself on vacations at nice hotels and experiences rather than material items. It's the only thing she feels comfortable sending more than 1000 on. Def not shoes. She wanted a Range Rover but thought it was too big a spend so she decided against it. The biggest spender according to Shay is Stassi. Scheana admits she's very frugal and would rather spend money on other people than herself.

Scheana also claims that she still works at SUR and reveals that she takes her job seriously. She will be there until she gets fired or the show gets canceled. She wants a promotion, "make me Manager" she says to LVP.

While Lala Kent and Jax Taylor have publically slammed the new cast, Scheana on the other hand reveals that she loves the new SURvers' addition to the show. Scheana adds that Brett Caprioni can be kinda a douche but that’s ok. Danica Dow has a big mouth and "what I say to her will prob be repeated but yes."

Scheana weighs in on the drama between the Witches of WeHo. "Stassi and Katie - it was hard for her to watch. She just wants to go give Kristen a hug while watching this past season - the parts where Stassi and Katie were icing her out." She loves Kristen and empathizes with her. She thinks Katie is the worse of two evils as far as to who is meaner to Kristen. "She is a little harsher."

As for her relationship with Katie and Stassi, Scheana claims that they are nice to her face but talk about behind her back. "It doesn’t bother here. Its been there for years - it is what it is. Stassi is very selfish which she admits herself but she is appreciative of where she is."

Scheana also weighs in on Tom Sandoval's feud with Jax Taylor. "Sandy [Sandoval] has been an amazing friend to Jax for 20 years," she adds that it hurts her soul. "Everything Sandy did was from his heart - never to publicly shame Jax."

Scheana reveals the least close person in the cast is Lala Kent. She said the problem she has with Lala is "she really thinks she is up there and the rest of us are down there."

Scheana says the relationship she "admires" the most is Sandoval and Ariana Madix. As for who has changed the most: Lala. "Stassi is very selfish which she admits herself but she is appreciative of where she is." She wishes Lala was the same way. It hurts her feelings that Lala thinks she is better than the others.

She also reveals that she and Brandi Glanville are in a good place and that the RHOBH alum texted her a week ago.

Scheana sounds off about how's been edited this season. Prior to the Bri Dellinger scandal. Shay was asked if she believed she got an unfair edit. She says "yes" it's "frustrating" that’s the only edit you see of her - you only see "boy crazy Scheana" even though she has her businesses. For example - the scenes where Brett was saying. let's just be friends and she was saying let's see what happens - they were having two different conversations. Brett was saying let's be friends, she was saying well let's see what happens I don't know and they were two separate conversations. You see everyone else having businesses outside of SUR, except her. But hey she has the last laugh as her BOY CRAZY beanies are available now. Crop Tops are also coming. She said their conversation was 45 minutes - she said you never know what’s gonna happen in LIFE - she was talking about a  bunch of topics and guys - it wasn’t directed towards him She said she isn’t as depart as they make her out to be.

You can listen to the full episode below courtesy via David Yontef's podcast, Behind the Velvet Rope

Photo Credit: Bravo