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Monique Samuels And Karen Huger Clap Back At Gizelle Bryant’s WWHL Diss — Read Their Shady Tweets Here!

Karen Huger and Monique Samuels clapped back at Gizelle Bryant after the Real Housewives of Potomac star slammed her co-stars during Sunday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen @ Home.

When Cohen asked Bryant to spill the tea about her cast members during a segment of his late-night talk show, Gizelle said that Huger was "the least truthful" on the group and claimed that Samuels is "going to have to answer the most at the reunion."

Later in the episode, Cohen asked Bryant to share an update on her relationship with Samuels. "I haven't seen her in a long time and that is very fine with me."

Andy then continued by asking for Gizelle to share her thoughts about Samuels covering her and Candiace Dillard's face from the Season 5 group photo after Bravo confirmed that the series was postponed until the summer.

So how did Gizelle felt about that? "I felt like she just explained to everybody she’s a third grader and I mean – you know – it was our cast photo – it wasn’t like it was like some random picture of me it’s a cast photo," she continued. "So clearly she um feels a certain way about my face and this face should not be scratched out – ever."

Samuels took to Twitter to shade Gizelle and slammed her relationship with ex-husband, current boyfriend Jamal Bryant.

"She should have said herself considering the buzz about her “man” Face with monocle The fact he’s telling people “It’s reality tv. It’s not real” when asked about his relationship with ankles. On a mission for a storyline & still falling short Expressionless face Let me put my receipts back in my pocket #RHOP," Monique tweeted.

However, Gizelle, who is no stranger to drama and feuds also found herself in a Twitter war with co-star Karen Huger. After Gizelle accused Huger of being the "least truthful" on the show, Karen clapped back on social media.

"Some folk insecurity,jealousy and lack of a a REAL life is UGLY all day long no matter how you dress IT. Made my day," she tweeted.

After a fan encouraged her not to let Bryant's "dark spirited gizelle tilt ur crown. hold ur head high and ignore the haters," she replied back with, "done and done."

However, Karen slammed Bryant's makeup line Everyhue Beauty after Gizelle dissed her La'Dame Fragrance on last night's episode of #WWHL.

When Cohen asked the green-eyed bandit if she would rather wear Karen's perfume or eat from Michael Darby's restaurant, Gizelle said, "Only eat food at Michael's restaurant and Michael restaurant is closed down so that answers that." She added that the perfume was "an older lady's fragrance."

But Karen was not here for Gizelle's messy ways and clapped back by adding a shot by show of both companies' websites.

In Gizelle’s makeup line website, it appeared but the page was down as it stated the following, "To finish setting up your new website address, go to your domain settings, click “Connect existing doman”, and enter"

Karen's tweet included the caption, "Is this," she tweeted, adding "Drop the [mic] #RHOP"

Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Bravo