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Michaele Schon Addresses Her Time On RHODC And Thanks The Show And Husband Neal Schon For Giving Her The “Strength Within Myself To Follow My Dreams”; Says “Dreams Really Do Come True”

Michaele Schon, who was previously known as Michaele Salahi, has opened up for the first time in years about her time on The Real Housewives of D.C. If you recall, On May 22, Bravo aired a marathon of the now-canceled series.

After the series re-aired after many years, Schon broke her silence and released a statement about her time on RHODC.

"I love The Real Housewives Family very much, always!" she wrote, which she shared via her Instagram page. "I am thankful to God every day, every moment for my husband, Neal Schon and our love and life together! I am thankful for all of you and love you very much!"

Schon vows that she would "never" want to go through that type of "drama" again but she is thankful for giving her the "strength" to "follow" her dreams.

"The Real Housewives Show, and my life back then, over a decade ago, wow, I would never want to go through that TV drama, again, but it DID give me the strength within myself to follow my dreams, and dreams really do come true!! Believe & Faith. Love & Light! -- Michaele Schon"

She concludes by giving Andy Cohen a shoutout on the birth of his baby boy, Benjamin Cohen.

"God Bless and Congratulations to Andy Cohen and his beautiful child!"

In the comment section of Michaele's post, Andy replied and thanked her for the sweet message.

"Thanks Michaele!" Andy wrote to which Michaele responded, "Love you Andy!"

As previously reported, Michaele and Neal tied the knot back in San Francisco in December 2013. Back in 2015, Neal released his solo album, titled Vortex, which the album was dedicated to his wife Michaele or 'Lady M,' as he calls her.

Photo Credit: Instagram