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Kyle Richards Explains Why She Remains On RHOBH Despite Drama!

Kyle Richards, who is the last original cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, explains why she decided to remain on the show despite the show's drama. "I've been here for 10 years and I think more along the lines of numbers than of being the original one left here," she told Australia's 9Honey Celebrity from LA.

"It's kind of crazy. When I first signed up to do this show, I didn't know if it would be a success or not. Next thing I know, it became a huge success and then we did a few seasons, and it became obviously five seasons, and next thing you know I'm here a decade later. I honestly can't believe I'm still here."

"It's always fun for me to have girl time," says the mother-of-four. "I'm a girls' girl. I come from a family of all women. I have all daughters. I enjoy that girl time. And that's probably what keeps me here a whole decade later."

Kyle also addresses her recent fights with Denise Richards. "We've never had an issue. The thing that sparked the issue was silly and stupid, and then it ended up being a bigger thing," Kyle says. "She was always very chilled and kicked back, and then I'm seeing a whole other side to her that we never really saw before, so that was a little surprising."

"I really felt like everyone was coming for me, and I just wasn't emotionally equipped for that," Kyle admits. "I wish I could've been stronger in that moment, but I was so tired from filming Halloween Kills in North Carolina, then working on my clothing line in New York, and filming Housewives in LA... I was on a plane every other day, and I just wasn't ready for that. I don't know if there was bonding happening [between the cast] when I was gone filming, but it was overwhelming."

Another cast member that Kyle is currently butting heads is Dorit Kemsley, and Richards explains why Kemsley's quote, "I have a f---ing life!" rubbed her the wrong way.

"That's what really sent me over the edge," says Kyle. "I'm like, I'm sorry I have four kids, six dogs, a husband, I was filming Halloween, filming a TV show and had my clothing line. Not saying she doesn't do anything, but if you're having your hair and makeup done for three hours, then that's not the thing to say to me when I've just flown in from North Carolina."

"I really don't think someone should sit in a makeup chair and have makeup done every day of their lives," she adds. "That's not real to me. That's certainly not my reality, and I don't think that's anybody's reality."

"When I feel vulnerable, especially in this crowd, I put up a tough exterior and then I sort of snap something back," she admits. "But I never hold that thought for too long, and I always end up crying because my feelings get hurt, and I'm a very sensitive person. We just can't really be like that as Housewives because we know it comes part of the deal."

Photo Credit: Bravo