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Kristen Doute Opens Up About Her Relationship With New Boyfriend Alex Menache!

Kristen Doute has confirmed that she's dating again following her split with on-again, off-again boyfriend Brian Carter. Now, the Vanderpump Rules star is opening up about her new man Alex Menache and about her love life.

“I have a quarantine babe,” Doute said on the Sunday, May 3 episode of Lindsey Metselaar’s podcast, according to Us Weekly. “We Met at Acme.”

“[At] the end of the summer, beginning of the fall, I was just like dead single like trying to date, hooking up with people, like really trying to just like ride that wave of like … What is it like to be truly, truly single? And go out on random dates and like make out with my friend?” she began.

“Then at some point, I won’t say when, eventually when [and] if we work out or if we don’t, I’ll eventually talk about [him] a bit more publicly, but yeah. It was just someone that I had been friends with and it was kind of like a drunken night and I was like, ‘Hey, we’ve been friends and you’re hot. We should probably make out.’ And so we did and we just kind of started hanging out because we were both single.”

Kristen said she doesn’t see the need to “rush into anything,” but a source revealed that Menache may feel differently.

“Alex likes girls with a sense of humor. He’s hilarious,” an insider told Us Weekly. “He wants to get married and have kids soon. He’s from the Valley and he owns a lot of apartment buildings in the L.A. area. He’s not the L.A. type who is friends with lots of celebs though. He has been looking for a wife.”

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