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Kim Richards Pens Moving Letter To Her “Inner Child”; Says “I Promise To Always Nourish You At All Levels – Body, Mind And Soul”

Kim Richards took to Instagram to share a penned letter she wrote to her "inner child." The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star revealed that she promises to "rely" on her inner child's voice "a little more" and be her biggest "cheerleader."

 "🌸💜🌱A letter to my inner child, ♡ "I guess I'm getting to know you a little better now. I'm glad I'm becoming friends with you and learning what triggers you & what nourishes you," she wrote via Instagram. "I'm sorry I've been away from you for so long, I guess I was conditioned to. I was conditioned to place my needs after other's and seek validation from them. But today, I feel empowered more than ever before. ( not where I wanna be yet but very close) I am sorry for feeding you carelessly and succumbing to external stimuli as a means to escape and finally, when it took a toll on my body I realized that it was a wake up call for me to love you more."

She continued, "You’re my long lost friend and I'm glad we are talking ( better late than never) so since I know what I know now, I promise to always nourish you at all levels -body, mind and soul. I will consciously make efforts to be there for you even if the world leaves us alone, because we are ALL we need."

She added, "💜I promise to " rely " on your voice a little more and be your biggest cheerleader. I LOVE YOU❤️, big HUG💜💜we got this! Love, Me🌱🌻🦋🌸🌕💫"

Kim added the hashtags, "#innerchild #heal #love #selfgrowth #selflove #positivevibes #positiveaffirmations #newearth #divinefeminine #spiritual #awakening #evolve #journaling #onlyloveisreal #selfempowerment #nature #innerjourney #bodymindsoul #travel #manifestation #awakening #qarantine #chakras #meditation #reiki #chanting #godisincontrol"

Many well-known celebs praised Kim in the comment section of her Instagram post.

Dorit Kemsley wrote, "So beautiful @kimrichards11 🙏🏼💕😘"

Kim's sister, Kathy Hilton commented, "Such a beautiful letter and very inspiring.i love you and I am very proud of you. Everyone has there struggles in life nothing’s perfect. Each day is a new day and we just keep moving forward. You are the only person I know who has been in quarantine alone for three months so you really had time to get to know yourself. Help others & show them the way. I love you.💕❤️🙏⭐️😇🌸🌹🌷"

Real Housewives of Toronto star Kara Alloway, who is close friends with the Hilton/Richards family, simply wrote, "Warrior princess💕"

Photo Credit: Bravo