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Jeana Keough Breaks Her Silence After Her Ex-Husband Matt Keough’s Death; Says “Matt Had A Blessed And Fabulous Life”

Jeana Keough recently opened up about her ex-husband Matt Keough just days after he passed away at the age of 64. “Matt had a blessed and fabulous life until his career was cut short by a foul tipped baseball. He was bigger than life from the time he was born to Marty and Sharon Keough,” the Real Housewives of Orange County alum told HollywoodLife.

“I see [Matt] in my sons. They have his work ethic and his quick wit. Kara has his organizational [skills] and need to get,” Jeana reflected.

“He was so driven to recover from his injuries and be better and stronger than before. He loved to hunt and fish…he loved riding bikes with his sister Stacy and girlfriend Claudia, and would ride 20 miles at a time. Baseball was his passion,” she continued. “He had three sisters, all amazing athletes…he was always a curious and athletic child. He excelled at everything he attempted and the stories people have been telling us have had us laughing and crying for days. He always wanted to be right and days later he would send the proof to prove it,” Jeana said.

“He was a great friend, loving father and did struggle with depression,” she added, noting that his mother Sharon “donated his brain to science to see if in his death he can bring more awareness to brain injuries.”

“You will be missed Matt — know that you were loved and respected by many for your ability to be brutally honest. Please give my love to our family and friends in heaven…and our precious McCoy Bosworth your first grandson,” she added, referencing the tragic loss of Kara’s infant son who passed last month due to shoulder dystocia.

Matt’s death comes nearly a month after Kara and her husband Kyle Bosworth‘s newborn son died on after experiencing “shoulder dystocia and a compressed umbilical cord.”

“He joined our Heavenly Father and will live forever in the hearts of his loving parents, his adoring sister, and those that received his life-saving gifts,” she wrote via Instagram at the time. “May his legacy shine in the form of lifetimes aplenty — lives filled with laughter, compassion, energy, love, and most of all gratitude. May it be said that McCoy Casey Bosworth left this world in a better place, for a better place …. that he made an impact … that he was an answered prayer … that he was a hero.”

Keough reflected on the loss of her baby on April 27 in an emotional Instagram post, which featured a photo of the couple holding onto their newborn shortly after his birth.

“You would have been 3 weeks old today,” she wrote. “You would be ‘waking up’ and showing us more of you. I would be getting the hang of being a mom of two. My milk would be regulating to your schedule. Your sister would be asking questions about your belly button and you would have peed on her at least once by now.”

Photo Credit: Bravo