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Jax Taylor Slams Tom Sandoval And Tom Schwartz; Says TomTom Restaurant Is A “Money Pit”

The drama between Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval continues! Taylor recently slammed his Vanderpump Rules co-stars Sandoval and Tom Schwartz’s restaurant, TomTom, on Wednesday, March 13.

After Taylor shared two photos of himself cuddling with his dogs, one follower compared his success to Sandoval and Schwartz’s restaurant business.

“I Gotta say, I hate the fact that Tom and Tom have prospered with that business,” the user wrote, noting that Taylor has “made mistakes” over the years but has turned himself around, according to Us Weekly.

The fan continued: “You should have a restaurant or bar that’s yours and only yours and you need to find an investor to help make that happen and leave the others behind because I think you and Brittany [Cartwright] would be happier in the long run. Don’t know you but I’m proud of you.”

The Bravo reality star replied to the comment, saying that he is in no way envious of his co-stars’ restaurant — and claiming that it’s not successful.

“They have not prospered,” Taylor wrote, slamming the two business owners. “That restaurant is a money pit.”

According to Us Weekly, Jax then deleted that comment and posted another that read, “I would never want to own a bar in Hollywood it’s a money pit. It never ends up well. But thanks.”

During the Tuesday, May 12, episode of the Bravo hit reality series, however, Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd shared some good news to Sandoval and Schwartz. “We’ve actually made a profit,” Todd, told his fellow co-owners. “First year, [it’s] very unusual to make a profit in a restaurant. I think you’ve nearly doubled your money.”

The couple then offered the besties the opportunity to invest in The Garden, which is right next door to TomTom.

“What you’ve made in here for the year you can invest and have 10 percent of the whole thing,” Todd noted. Vanderpump chimed in: “Personally, I’d like to see you guys in because I’ve had a great year with you.”

Photo Credit: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock; Broadimage/Shutterstock; MJ Photos/Shutterstock