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Jax Taylor Reveals He Was ‘Blindsided’ By ‘Intense’ Vanderpump Rules Season 8 Virtual Reunion Drama And Explains Why He Prefers In-Person Over Online Reunion Taping; Says “It’s Hard To Chime In Because Of The Way The System Is Built”

Jax Taylor is spilling the tea about what went down at the first virtual reunion for the eighth season of Vanderpump Rules. The Bravo reality star said the taping was "a little bit more intense than [he's] used to."

"It is what it is with our group, you know? I mean, there always is going to be drama. There's always going to be arguing whether there's a show or there's not a show," Jax told E! News. "I mean that's just the group I'm involved with, as we've known each other for many, many years."

Jax noted that not all of the cast gets along, he made it clear that they're "all family." He then revealed that he was blindsided by the intensity of the reunion.

"But the reunion, it was very intense. I didn't think it was going to be that intense," he continued. "The second part of the season, you know, I kind of had a couple of ups and downs, but like I tell everybody else, you follow somebody with the camera for six months and don't have a couple of sit downs in your life. Tell me if that's normal."

Jax said the group dynamic is "incredibly, incredibly, super dysfunctional," he defended that he and his co-stars try to grow from their on-camera experiences.

"With our group that's been tough. I tend to make the same mistake more than two or three times, but it's always good fun. Like I said, nobody has really gotten extremely hurt from anything," he told E! News. "Sometimes we, we do malicious things, but we have good intentions, and it's just the way our group works. We fight hard, but we love hard."

Speaking of fighting hard, the virtual nature of this year's reunion made things "a little tough" for the Bravolebrity.

"If I had the choice between doing a virtual reunion or a non-virtual one, I would do it in person. It was a little tough. I couldn't really say much…we were talking over each other," Jax explained. "It's hard to chime in because of the way the system is built. So, if someone is attacking you, or someone's going off, and if you don't agree with something, you have to wait until the complete sentence is done."

Photo Credit: Bravo