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Jax Taylor Blames ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Editors And ‘Annoying’ New Cast Members For Lackluster Season 8!

Following the Season 8 finale episode of Vanderpump Rules, Jax Taylor went off on Twitter to share how he really feels about the season overall and throws shade at the show's newest cast members.

“Brittany and I, as well as the rest of the cast, shot so much fun footage that never aired. All they want to see is arguing. Really sad they didn’t show any of that this season. Wasted so much time on pointless in the moment fighting,” Jax tweeted on Wednesday, May 20, referring to wife Brittany Cartwright, according to Us Weekly.

Jax then agreed with a social media user who blamed the editors. “Oh I know… just sad they didn’t show some really fun scenes that the viewers would of loved,” he wrote. “You saw such a small part of what we shot. Instead you have countless scenes of me losing it and 20 year old annoying girls talking about how they don’t eat carbs.”

Jax then slammed the new cast members, which he believes there were too many storylines to follow after the additions of newbies including Brett Caprioni, Charli Burnett, Danica Dow, Dayna Kathan,  and Max Boyens.

“Just for the record, the OG cast does not argue like this anymore,” Jax tweeted on Wednesday. “I don’t know what happened this season. I personally think there are just too many people on the show, too many story lines to follow so things didn’t make a lot of sense. In my opinion.”

Photo Credit: Bravo