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Elyse Slaine Reveals How She Became The ‘Friend’ Of RHONY For Season 12!

Elyse Slaine is opening about being part of the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City. Slaine, took to social media to reveal how she ended up becoming the "friend" of the series for the show's twelfth season.

"Barbara was suppose to have an Apple, but it didn't work out, so she was made "a friend." I spontaneously came on for one scene in the first episode with Ramona... just a playful night out," she wrote. "They kept inviting me back, so I showed up, and late in the season, signed on as a friend."

She continued, "I didn't film enough to have a storyline; and I was not interested in getting in the middle of the fighting," she wrote. "But they clearly thought I was interesting enough to keep inviting me back."

Slaine claims that "editing can really change the intent of a conversation."

She added, "Hence, some of my well intentioned comments came out sounding mean. I definitely get more edgy as the season continues, but I am never an uninhibited as the rest of the cast."

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Photo Credit: Bravo