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Elyse Slaine Claps Back At Ramona Singer For Saying That She “Doesn’t Really Fit In” On RHONY! Elyse Sounds Off On Her Fallout With Ramona And Provides Receipts!

Elyse Slaine was introduced to viewers as a close friend to Ramona Singer for the current season of The Real Housewives of New York City. However, it appears that the two ladies are not in good terms since Singer recently shaded Slaine while promoting Season 12.

During an interview with PEOPLE Now, Ramona was asked to share what she thinks Elyse brings to the show.

“I don’t think she really brings anything with the mix. I think you can see she doesn’t really fit in.” Ramona said, according to Reality Tea. “I didn’t know really what to think. I just thought ‘OK, we always love to add new people as a possible friend.’ She didn’t even make it as a friend. Bravo doesn’t even call her a friend. ”

Ramona added, “She was just... Missy Poole had more personality than Elyse.”

If you recall, Missy made several cameo appearances in past seasons of RHONY, she was dating Tom D'Agostino, prior to dating and marrying Luann de Lesseps. Luann and Ramona feuded during this time as Luann wasn't thrilled with the idea of having Missy in the mix due to her history with Tom.

After Ramona shaded Slaine, Elyse took to social media to call out the Singer stinger.

“I have always taken the high road when asked about you...but we can also do this your way @ramonasinger,” Elyse tweeted.

When a fan asked Elyse is she was feuding with Ramona, she responded, “Yes. She is.”

When another user asked Slaine if Singer threw away their friendship when she joined the show, Elyse replied, “She did.”

After another user accused Slaine of being “weak” for exposing her fallout with Singer on social media, Elyse clapped back and tweeted, “Not threatening to betray her confidences. But I do have texts to prove everything she said about me were lies. I just need permission from Bravo to release the texts. I have kept our falling out out of the public domain, and continued to have her back. She decided to slander,” she wrote.

Elyse continued, “She said on a podcast that the producers didn't like me. I have texts from her and others that expose her lies in reference to this. I know some people think I was boring. But they knew going in that I am calm by nature. They said they wanted that from me.”

After Elyse got support from some fans of the series, she tweeted, “Thank you. Ramona said it. She and I had a falling out. I kept it out of the public domain. I continued to have her back publicly. She in [return] slandered me on a podcast,” she wrote. “I have texts to prove she lied. All so unnecessary.”

When another user accused her of using Ramona to get on television, Elyse tweeted, “You have no idea what went down between the two of us. And me being on the show was her idea, not mine.”

Elyse then took to her Instagram Stories to “expose” Ramona by leaking the text messages Ramona sent her, claiming that producers “love” her as she invites her to film with the group for the show.

In the text message shared by Elyse, Ramona allegedly wrote to her, “OMG the producers loved to you tonight !!! and of course so did I,” sharing emoji hearts and kisses. “so Wednesday you must come with or without Reinhold you must come.”

She captioned the story, “Someone changed the story after our friendship ended.”

In a separate Instagram Story, Elyse captioned, “Hmmmm...”

She also shared more text messages from Ramona where she invites her to join the group, including Jill Zarin, for another filming event for the show.

In the texts according to Slaine she tells her “The show needs you,” adding “They love you.”

Who's side are you on? Are you #TeamRamona or #TeamElyse? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Instagram, Aurora Rose/Shutterstock