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Dorit Kemsley And Kyle Richards Feud On Twitter After Recent RHOBH Episode, Brandi Glanville Comes To Kyle’s Defense — Read Their Shady Tweets Here!

Kyle Richards got into a heated feud with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Dorit Kemsley on Twitter during and after Wednesday night's episode of the Bravo hit reality series. The women are feuding over the drama that went down at Teddi Mellencamp's wellness retreat.

“If she did not want to show up on time for Teddi I would have thought she would at least have to shop on time for her commitment to RHOBH… Like we all had to,” Kyle tweeted. 

“Teddi made it clear we could come when we choose,” Dorit replied to Kyle’s tweet about Teddi’s retreat. “I told the entire group I was coming after lunch. Suddenly I’m late and not committed to my ‘obligations’? I wasn’t even aware you were all traveling together @KyleRichards and wasn’t invited. I didn’t get that memo! #rhobh.”

Kyle believes that her issues with Dorit would have been resolved quicker if their costars didn’t “jump in and get involved,” which “made things so much worse,” adding that “things are going to get even worse soon.”

Dorit, however, argued that Kyle is only upset that Denise had her back. “You were happy to get people involved until 2 people didn’t agree with you,” she tweeted. “And making up a story about me being late because of glam and being mad about me glamming in the 1st place feels like an attack for no good reason. We’re supposed to be friends @KyleRichards.”

“When was I happy to get anyone involved?” Kyle asked Dorit. “I didn’t ask anyone’s opinion and didn’t want to say what people had already said to me.”

“I am not making up anything. Ask Erika,” Kyle continued. “We thought we all had to leave at 5am. And we are friends. But could have handled it better without everyone piling on.”

Kyle implied that her costars were planning to come for her during season 10. “I see what is happening here. It’s going to be a rough ride for me apparently. Lots of agendas #rhobh This ain’t my first rodeo,” she quipped. “I was shooting a movie, launching a clothing line, throwing a fashion show at NYFW, I have 4 kids, husband , 6 dogs, producing tv.. I don’t need to hunt for a story line.”

While Denise has Dorit's back, Brandi Glanville came to Kyle's defense on Twitter. “We have had MANY differences & STILL do, but no one knows what you & I have actually been throughout this last decade,” she tweeted. “So one my end haters can F**K OFF.”

Photo Credit: Bravo