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Brielle Biermann Explains Why She Doesn’t Want Kim Zolciak-Biermann “To Go Back” To RHOA!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann's daughter, Brielle Biermann explains why she doesn't want her mother to return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta. “I don’t know why she would. She has her own TV show and it’s doing great and it’s super fun to film and I don’t know why she would put herself back into that crazy environment,” Brielle told Us Weekly.

“I mean maybe if it was less negativity, more positivity [and] a couple of people were replaced. Yeah, she’d probably go back.”

Brielle also feels that it’s “not good” when her mom is filming Housewives. “I don’t want her to go back,” she continued. “Coming home and being drained every single day because of all the negativity, it’s just not the vibe.”

“Here, it’s not work. It’s fun. It’s family. You’re just filming your life,” she explained. “That is work. You have to put on a brave face every day and you have to know that you’re walking into a situation where you could possibly be attacked and interrogated the whole entire day. And that’s just, like, who wants to do that? Right? I don’t even know how most of them stay on that show.”

Kim appeared on RHOA for the first four seasons as a full-time cast member, however, she quit the series in the middle of the show's fifth season. In Season 9 she returned for a cameo appearance and joined the series as the official "friend" of the show for Season 10. Following the dramatic Season 10 reunion, Kim vowed to never return to the show.

She is currently the star of her own Bravo reality show, Don’t Be Tardy, which she stars with her family. The series has been on for seven years.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock; Bravo