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Brett Caprioni Spills The Tea About Season 8 Of Vanderpump Rules And Reveals How He Really Feels About His Co-Stars And Lisa Vanderpump!

Brett Caprioni recently appeared on David Yontef's podcast, Behind the Velvet Rope where he opened up about his first season as a SURver on the eight seasons of Vanderpump Rules. Brett gushed about his SUR boss, Lisa Vanderpump.

"She commands your attention and runs the room. Kind of like a CEO, someone very important. She made me feel cool," he said, he knew she was important. "She means business. Lisa seemed interested in me as a person when we met.. She seemed very interested in what I was saying. Kind of like a mother."

Caprioni met her a month after moving to L.A. and he started training her soon thereafter.

He admits that he only saw a few episodes of the popular Bravo hit reality series prior to joining the show. He admits he was aware of it but he never really watched it. He claims he went to work there first - and it had nothing to do with the show.

Brett claims that LVP wasn't dangling the show in front of him - then she offered him a real job. He claims that Vanderpump told him that if "we think you deserve screen time you will get it."

The first person he ever met was Scheana Shay. LVP FaceTimed Scheana while Brett was training her one day and told Scheana she'll be training Brett at SUR.

Brett then shared how he feels about his costars.

Jay Taylor: Brett says he sees Jax like a "big bro." He says that he is very polite and welcoming despite what fans may think from watching him on the show.

Danica Dow: He makes it clear that he is not a "f--k boy" despite what Danica said on the show.

Max Boyens: Brett says he doesn’t want to speak ill of Max - their friendship isn’t as close as it used to be but they are friendly. Despite the hiccup in their relationship, he isnists that they are friends but adds that they just move differently in situations especially with women, adding that he wishes him well.

Dayna Kathan: Brett reveals that he and Dayna have hung out a lot since the show stopped filming. He took the opportunity to get to know her after the show ended. He says they are friends but admits there is an attraction - and feelings - there are just a lot of unknowns and he thinks it's important they do their own things - at least for now.

Charli Burnett: Brett reveals that he wanted to get to know her, and not trying to get on her pants. He believes that Charli has a preconceived notion of him.

Caprioni adds that Scheana, Jax, and James Kennedy were the 3 OGS who took him under his wing the most.

As for his favorite SUR drink, Brett says it's the "chilled cucumber martini."

You can listen to the full interview below courtesy via Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef!

Photo Credit: Bravo