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Bethenny Frankel Reflects On ‘Life-Threatening Allergic Reaction’ And Thanks Boyfriend Paul Bernon For Saving Her Life!

Bethenny Frankel recently reflected on a near-death experience she had in December 2018. The Real Housewives of New York City alum took to Instagram on Wednesday, May 13, to mark National Food Allergy Awareness Week, which began on Sunday, May 10.

“#NationalFoodAllergyAwarenessWeek, along with the #CoronavirusPandemic, remind me how precious life is and how important it is to not take this life for granted,” she captioned a series of snapshots of herself with boyfriend Paul Bernon and daughter Brynn, 10. “When I had a life threatening allergic reaction, @pbernon and @newtonwellesleyhospital saved my life.”

She continued: “I owe them my life, and I’m so grateful to be here now for my family. Please take your health and safety seriously, whether you’re facing an allergy or #COVID19.”

The “life-threatening” Frankel mentioned occurred over two years ago when she unknowingly ate soup with fish in it. She has a potentially fatal allergic reaction when she ingests most fish.

“I have [a] rare fish allergy,” she tweeted at the time, according to Us Weekly. “Sun, I had soup, itched & was unconscious for 15 mins then [taken] to ER & ICU for 2 days w BP of 60/40.”

She added: “I couldn’t talk, see, thought I had a stroke & [was] dying & told if 5 mins later I’d be dead. 911 & EPI saved me. I’ll never not carry an #epipen.”

She then credited her boyfriend Bernon, for saving her life. “He saved my life,” she declared of the real estate developer at the time.

Photo Credit: Getty Images