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Yovanna Momplaisir Spills The Tea About RHOA Season 12 And Reveals Where She Stands With NeNe Leakes After ‘Snake Gate’ Drama!

Gail ‘Yovanna’ Momplaisir is spilling the tea about the drama that went on the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yovanna got candid during a recent appearance on David Yontef’s Behind The Velvet Rope podcast.

According to Yovanna, she was brought in the show by NeNe Leakes because no one wanted to film with her following last season's drama. Apparently, Leakes refused to do certain scenes unless Yovanna was there.

She says she never asked to come on RHOA. She isn’t thirsty to be there despite what people may think. For Yovanna, it was about supporting her friend NeNe.

She also explains why she feels like she was Leakes' scapegoat for Season 12. Yovanna believes she was brought in as Leakes' friend with the intention of having everyone turn against her, therefore, allowing NeNe back in the group.

Yovanna broke down in tears after she was asked to share an update on her relationship with NeNe. She says it basically nonexistent, but it's not by her choice. Momplaisir believes that she was hung to dry as soon as NeNe rekindled her relationships with some of the ladies. She feels so used because she was there for NeNe when she was on the outs with the rest of the cast.

Momplaisir shares that she thought they were real friends but it turns out they are just TV fiends. Yovanna says that for NeNe is all about the check. She thinks the energy with NeNe shifted after she befriended Eva Marcille.

Yovanna thinks NeNe has an issue with the fact that she is cool with Cynthia as NeNe is not cool with Eva and Cynthia at the moment.

As for Snake Gate, Momplaisir feels like she got the short end of the stick because she was the easy target. She says the snake is the women on the show - how they treat each other - speak to each other. She makes it clear that she is NOT the snake and reveals that she doesn’t even think an audio exists.

You can listen to the full interview below courtesy via Behind The Velvet Rope!

Photo Credit: Instagram, Bravo