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Vicki Gunvalson’s Daughter Briana Culberson Is Expecting Her Third Child With Husband Ryan Culberson — Vicki Reacts!

Briana Culberson, daughter of former Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson is expecting her third child with husband Ryan Culberson. Ryan shared the happy news in a post on Instagram on April 10.

"With all the bad news going on in the world hopefully this brings a smile to your face (even if it’s behind a mask)," he wrote.

In the announcement post, the photo featured a collection of safety pins, two large, representing Briana and Ryan, and two small, representing their two sons, Troy (7) and Owen (5). One of the big safety pins had a teeny one inside of it, symbolizing that Briana is with child.

"November can’t come soon enough!" Ryan also included in the post, referring to the baby's due date, according to The Daily Dish.

Ryan provided more info on Briana's pregnancy in the comments to his post on Instagram. "Here’s the answers you’re probably looking for," he wrote. "1. We don’t care 👶/👧 we’re just praying for healthy. 2. Yes it happened before the corona outbreak and isn’t from being quarantined together 😂. 3. No we will not be naming anything related to the corona 🦠! 4. Yes she will still stay on a ketogenic lifestyle. 5. Yes Owen will be the perfect middle child he’s been preparing for this moment since day 1 😆. 6. The boys and us are super pumped! Hope these answers help some of the anticipated questions/comments. #trulyblessed"

Following the announcement, Vicki took to Instagram to congratulate her daughter by sharing Ryan's post. "Couldn’t be more excited to announce [no.] 3 is on its way. Congratulations Briana and Ryan," the OG of the OC wrote on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Instagram