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The Real Housewives Of Hungary Season 3 Premieres On April 20 — Watch Official Trailer, Cast Bios And Photos HERE!

The Real Housewives of Hungary or as they are known in their country, Feleségek Luxuskivitelben are back with a brand new season. The third season will premiere on Monday, April 20 at 9:00pm on VIASAT3.

Returning are Babett Köllő, Boglárka Csősz Talu, Tünde Polgár, Vivien Vasvári, and Yvonne Dederick. They are joined by two new cast members Nikolett Molnár and Noémi Nagy.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this season will be shorter compared to past seasons. The series will consist of four nearly 90-minute episodes.

The last part of the series will be special as it focuses on the issue of social responsibility in response to the epidemic during filming, as although the show’s primary goal is to show the ladies a fun, often civic life, they also seek to support a number of charitable initiatives.

Check out the official Season 3 official trailer and cast bios below courtesy via VIASAT3!

Meet the cast of Feleségek Luxuskivitelben aka The Real Housewives of Hungary:

Babett Köllő continues to love her work, has played in a lot of theatrical plays lately, and also spends a lot of time with her daughter, Milla.

Babett wants to move on in her career. Since she loves to talk very much and people usually open up to her, she is mostly preoccupied with being a presenter.

Also on the Wives, she is the one who always knows everything and to whom others are told things they would not share with anyone else.

Her humor is killer, and if you laugh, you can hear it from afar. Her shape is impeccable, she has become the “Fit Actress” this year, thanks to her constant fitness regimen. However, in addition to Vivi, she also has problems with her health, and she had to deal with not only the epidemic but also another virus during filming.

The relationship between Boglárka Csősz Talu (Bogi) and her husband, Burak, has reached a new chapter as they see the time has come after twelve years to think about having a child. In addition, Bogi is preparing a special gift for their 10th wedding anniversary, as she considers it important to celebrate this properly, especially considering that there are a lot of divorces among their friends.

She’s on the runway again, so she’s been training even more lately. A healthy lifestyle has always been important to her, but by now she has become vegan and is fasting regularly.

She will also take the Wives for physical and mental renewal, a detox weekend, but unfortunately, some of them will not calm down here…

Due to the epidemic situation, Bogi, unfortunately, could not stay in Budapest as long as she wanted, she returned to Turkey.

Nikolett Molnár aka Nini, is currently single. She doesn’t want to get married for someone to create prosperity for her, as she herself is wealthy. Her father is her role model, who worked hard to make sure they had everything and that Nini and her brother could go to good schools.

Nini also lived a lot abroad, had the opportunity to study in London and Florida, and also traveled a lot as a model. But she never wanted to just hang out, so she invented her own handbag and swimwear line, which she had been developing since her college years and her new store had recently opened on Váci Street. The fashionista is outspoken and isn’t very interested in the opinions of others.

Noémi Nagy divorced her child's father years ago. She and her son, Dimi, have been living with her current partner for 3 years, Gergő. Noém has her own clothing brand, Prieston, with which she has achieved success not only at home, but also in New York, Austria and Rome.

The dresses are real princess, feminine pieces, just like Noemi herself. Though she may not be the one to talk the most when she says something, everyone pays attention to her.

Not only does she have a clothing brand, but she also has her own bag collection, and in addition to designing, she is a serious businesswoman: she develops software and sets up residential parks for hundreds of people as an interior designer. Noemi is proud that everything she has achieved is due to herself.

Family has always been Tünde Polgár's first priority, especially her close relationship with her children Árpi and Dani. Her son will soon be eighteen, so most of their thoughts revolve around his future education, but Dani has not yet decided which part of the world he wants to go to college.

She loves her son and tries to give him everything. This season, the 'Wives find out why she always been so strong.

Tündi loves to cook in her free time and is currently working on a cookbook, but her main focus is charitable work.

Charity has always been important to her. She is trying to help in the current situation, with the involvement of the Wives.

Viewers have seen many memorable moments in Vivien Vasvári’s life in recent years, but the world has changed a lot with her since the last season.After giving birth to her second child and landing her own wedding special, she divorced her husband Fesco. She is supporting her two children, Edward and Ariana, as a single mother.

Due to her growing popularity, she has gained a lot of modeling work such as photography, advertising campaigns, and TV shows.

Vivi remains as outspoken, humorous, and embracing as she was, maybe she just grew a little older and didn’t say everything she thought right away.

Luckily, love found her again, and there was a man next to her that she had always longed for — Gizmo.

However, some health problems make her life a little bit difficult, even an ambulance had to be called during filming Season 3. Not to mention that she was also in a difficult situation due to the epidemic…

Yvonne Dederick divorced her husband after twenty-five years. Luckily, her children and fitness make up for it, but she also always finds some challenges in her work: among other things, she has developed her own dating site to help young people find a match, knowing how hard it is to find love.

She is also writing a book where she plans to discuss her private life and reveals secrets she has never talked about, and which surprised the 'Wives very much.

Yvonne has even been prepared for a fitness competition in the meantime, but this is likely to be postponed due to the current global situation. Because of the pandemic, her daughter, Catherine, also stayed home, did not go back to America, so they live together again like an Italian family. Yvonne also set up her office in the house so she could work there.

The Real Housewives of Hungary (Feleségek Luxuskivitelben) Season 3 airs Monday nights at 9:00pm on VIASAT3!

Source/Photo Credit: VIASAT3