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Shiana White AKA ‘The Cookie Lady’ Reveals What Really Went Down Between Her And Tanya Sam’s Fiancé Paul Judge!

Shiana White, who is known as The Cookie Lady on The Real Housewives of Atlanta is spilling the about her time on the Bravo hit reality series. White recently appeared on David Yontef’s Behind The Velvet Rope podcast, where she revealed really happened between her and Tanya Sam’s fiancé Paul Judge.

Shiana originally resides from Los Angeles but moved to Atlanta to rebuild her life after coming out of a horrible relationship. Starting over, Shiana had a short rope in order to figure out a means of support and decided to open her business, A Haute Cookie.

White admits that she was always a fan of RHOA, but she never imagined that she would become part of the drama this season after Kenya Moore told Tanya Sam that her fiancé was flirting with "The Cookie Lady."

Shiana says despite what Tanya says, Tanya’s fiancé did hit on her all night and says that she definitely could have had him if she wanted him.

She also explains that she wanted to give Cynthia Bailey and Kenya a heads up to Sam about Paul Judge’s actions privately, off-camera, out of respect to Tanya, but she started talking to the Bravo reality stars and she noticed a mysterious phone had been placed on the floor, by producers, to record the conversation to stir up drama for the show.

Shiana says Tanya should be thankful that Paul hit on her because it gave Tanya a storyline this season, and helped both the franchise as a whole as well as Bravo in helping with the “drama” this season. “Your welcome,” she says.

You can listen to the full interview below courtesy of Behind The Velvet Rope!

Photo Credit: Instagram