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Ramona Singer Explains Why Dorinda Medley “Wasn’t Fun To Be Around” This Season On RHONY! Plus Ramona Opens Up About Her “Interesting” Relationship With Leah McSweeney; Says “I Basically Adopted Her As My Surrogate Daughter”

Ramona Singer is sharing viewers what they can expect in Season 12 of The Real Housewives of New York City. "All of us show ourselves more on a deeper level that people can relate to. People can relate that I'm there saying, 'Oh, my gosh. I feel like I'll never find a significant partner,'" she told TooFab.

"And so many men and women feel that way when their spouses die, their partners die, they get divorced, because when you get older it's just different because you become more, what's the word, hedonistic."

"It's not about building a family, building wealth, building homes, you already have all that," she added.

"We all show ourselves more," Ramona continued. "In all the 12 years that I've been on the show, I never saw us expose ourselves, it was just a different sense of energy this year. You will see how I deal with what I said the first episode throughout the season and you'll see how I evolved."

Singer also dishes on how her relationship with co-star Dorinda Medley is different this season.

"Dorinda really can go from 0-100 miles an hour in one second, but this time she'd go from 0-100 miles and it wouldn't last a second, it'd last an hour and it was very upsetting, very upsetting," said Ramona. "You'll see her do that. It wasn't fun to be around. You'll see how we all dealt with it and to see whether we were able to deal with it or not when you watch the show."

Singer also opens up about her relationship with new cast member Leah McSweeney.

"I really got to know her at my home in the Hamptons. It was my idea to have everyone at my home in the Hamptons right in the beginning, so we could all get to to know the new girl Leah and bond together," she explained. "Of course, when we're under one roof, all shit happens, you know that right"

"With Leah, she gets a little out of control ... and I end up being like her mother. I basically adopted her as my surrogate daughter and because of that I hold her to another standard, which is very high," she told TooFab. "You'll have to see how I conflict with her, the banter between us and what happens, it's pretty interesting. I never had that with any housewife on the show, probably because she could be my daughter."

Photo Credit: Bravo