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NeNe Leakes Exposes Yovanna Momplaisir By Leaking Text Messages About ‘Snake Gate’ Where She Claims To Have An Audio Recording Of Cynthia Bailey — Yovanna Claps Back!

Following the taping of the virtual season 12 reunion for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes and Yovanna Momplaisir got into a heated Instagram feud. According to many sources, Momplaisir made a surprise appearance at the virtual taping and admitted to lying about having recorded audio of Cynthia Bailey bashing Leakes.

Yovanna allegedly revealed that Snake Gate was orchestrated by NeNe Leakes to help the have a storyline and help her land a peach on the show. Apparently, when NeNe found out that Yovanna would be making an appearance at the virtual reunion, Leakes sent her a cease and desist letter to stop her from spilling the tea.

NeNe Leakes, with the help of her son Brentt, leaked Momplaisir's text messages she sent to Leakes via Brentt's YouTube page, where it appears to show that Yovanna was also behind Snake Gate.

According to the leaked text messages, Yovanna claims she does have a recording from Bailey dissing Leakes but refused to share it as her husband advised her not to as she can get into "serious" legal trouble.

After the texts were leaked Yovanna took to Instagram to clap back at Leakes. She shared a caption image which read as, "Judge @bravoandy has all the RECEIPTS at the reunion. You were a NO SHOW!! CASE DISMISSED!!"

In the post, she captioned, "It took you two days to piece together them bogus ass text messages? Give it up so. Isssa Wrap @ neneleakes - #YouHadTheFloorHBIC #IGotReceiptsToo #ButWeWontGoThereJustYet."

Leakes then shared a mother now-deleted post where she shared more alleged text messages from Yovanna, where she captioned the post, "what i think or what i know? I know the thirst is real. Oh my video going up on YouTube shortly! For real good nite."

NeNe then edited the captioned of her post, writing, "Me, YoYo, my producer, an executive, her hubby and my hubby all met at the Intercontinental hotel n buckhead and met at the Whitley hotel to discuss this audio she had. I have emails from producers and executives....what I'm i telling you for, I HAVE THE RECEIPTS because i felt this day would come....dropping tomorrow! For real good nite now."

NeNe contained leaking text messages from Yovanna where she appears to claim that she knows Kenya Moore's ex-boyfriend Matt. In the alleged texts, Yovanna tells NeNe that she's "working on getting some dirt on that bishh Kenya."

As for Yovanna, she took to Instagram and shared a caption which read as: "1. Hmmmmm I didn't know Kenya Moore in April 2019, more to the story"

"2. Why are your receipts only one sided?"

In the caption of the post, she wrote, "Keep posting ”YOUR RECEIPTS” I’ll hang on to mine a little longer😉. TRUST & BELIEVE...You KNOW I have the ones that will SHUT ALL THIS SHIT DOWN! You working overtime bc you don’t want the truth to come out. #SomeonesSweatingUnderPressure #QuarantineCircusYoureTheRingMaster #DoctorNayNay"

Photo Credit: Instagram