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Marlo Hampton Admits She “Would Love To Take” Eva Marcille’s Spot On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta; Says “She Doesn’t Bring It Like The Rest Of Us Bring It”

Marlo Hampton is spilling all the tea on the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The fashionista, who has appeared as a friend for many years on the Bravo hit reality series also reveals if she would like to hold a peach in future seasons.

"I don’t go to sleep every night like, 'Lord, please give me a peach,'" she told Entertainment Tonight. "Bravo pays me well. I travel good. I eat good. I got good benefits. So, Bravo is my family."

"Somebody at that table don’t like me, but guess what? It's on God’s timing, not mine or theirs," Marlo says. "And hopefully … they’ll come around and say, ‘You know what? Let’s give Marlo a try.’ Because a lot of girls have been given tries and they’re gone."

"Honestly, titles are important to a lot of people," she conitnued. "With me, coming from humble beginnings, I’m glad to say I can eat, I can shop, I can not work and support my two nephews with no help. I’m living in a home that’s paid for, thank God. I want [the peach] for my fans."

While she's in no rush for a peach, Hampton admits that she would love to take Eva Marcille's spot on RHOA.

"Listen, I don’t like for anyone not to have a job but, I’m not gonna lie, I would love to take her position," she admits. "I would definitely -- my fans would be so excited, they would love it. But I don't want Eva to lose her job. I don't want her to have financial hardships again, and I’m glad that she has her position."

"But, yeah, NeNe definitely feels that way," she told Entertainment Tonight. "She just feels that she doesn’t bring it like the rest of us bring it. Eva is more of a diva with the producers. As in, 'I’m doing this...' or 'I’m not doing that…' or, ‘No.’ She’s just… it’s like, girl, this isn’t L.A. this is ATL, you know? We got a little hood in us, a little bit. We bring it."

Photo Credit: Bravo