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Kristen Doute Addresses Witches Of WeHo Drama; Says “I’m Not Proud Of Seeing My Own Actions”

Kristen Doute reveals that she's not proud of how she handled all the drama surrounding her on the current season of Vanderpump Rules. "I'm not proud of seeing my own actions," she told Entertainment Tonight. "Emotions run high and logic runs low at times, rewatching all of this craziness."

Doute has been feuding with Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney over her complicated relationship with on-off boyfriend Brian Carter.

"At this point I'm just ugh... I don't want to be brat and say I'm so over talking about it, but I think that it’s hard enough to try to repair relationships from the show, and then also having to clarify statements I made on the show, just trying to sort of fix things," she said. "And this is so long ago -- and I don't want to take the entertainment portion away from the viewers. Everyone, just know we filmed this, what you're watching is last July. So, things have changed immensely and, at the same time, rewatching things can be difficult, because it’s hard to not let it get to you. I’m still wondering, like, I’m watching these two girls call me a psycho, this and that."

Doute sounded off about Schroeder's work ethic during a recent episode of the series' After Show, which resulted in a Twitter feud. Looking back now, Doute admits she regrets making those statements about her former bestie.

"I rewatched it, and I wasn't proud of the way I spoke about her work ethic, because I definitely did not mean that," Kristen explains. "I felt the need -- and I told her in a text -- to publicly go on social media and clarify and correct that I do not feel that way about Stassi's work ethic. I think that she's built an amazing brand for herself. She is such a hard worker and because, at that point, we filmed that after-show a month and a half ago. I was watching the show and seeing the things that are being said about me and it lit a fire under my a**, and I reacted rather than try to stay in the moment."

Kristen apologizes to viewers, too, because the Witches of WeHo drama "drags on" through the end of the season; there's at least one more big blow-up to come for the trio at an event for their wine.

"I feel like the more episodes that air, and the more emotions that I have about it, the further we are pulling away from each other," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I just don’t have an answer as to whether or not this is something that can be salvaged. I always have hope. I’m trying to just lead with kindness, and own my mistakes and own responsibility, and be responsible for my words and my actions. But, I’m human, too, and I have feelings and emotions. It was really hard for me, not having them around. I’ve said this before -- and I’ll say it a million times -- I’m watching with everyone else, so... I kinda know how the season will end."

"I definitely see how the toxicity of having a friend go through a hard breakup, and not seeing their point of view," she does admit. "But unfortunately, that was my lesson to learn and I will always stand by, that was my lesson to learn, in my own time. I can respect Katie and Stassi needing time away from that, 'cause at the end of the day, they have their own lives to live, as well, and they can’t be dragged through my mud. It’s just not the way that I am. Something that I’m having to accept is that not everyone is going to do things the way that I do them or see them. I would never ditch a friend, I never have. But we are all different people, so I don’t know."

Photo Credit: Bravo, Getty Images